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Best Portable Monitors for Digital Nomads

The 15 Best Portable Monitors for Digital Nomads of 2024

This article will explore the best portable monitors for digital nomads to revolutionize your nomadic lifestyle and give you the ultimate freedom to work on the go.

Just imagine a world where your office is wherever you choose. Picture yourself working from a cozy café in Paris, a bustling co-working space in Tokyo, or even a serene beach in Bali.

As a digital nomad, the freedom to work from anywhere is a dream come true. But to truly maximize your productivity and efficiency, you need the best portable monitor by your side.

Key Takeaways

  • Portable monitors increase productivity and provide flexibility for digital nomads.
  • Size and weight are important considerations for easy transportation.
  • Picture quality, color accuracy, and wide viewing angles enhance the overall experience.
  • Connectivity options like USB-C, HDMI, and long battery life are crucial for seamless integration and uninterrupted work or entertainment.
Best Portable Monitors for Digital Nomads

Why Do Digital Nomads Need Portable Monitors?

A portable monitor allows you to work on the go, whether at a coffee shop, a co-working space, or even outdoors. You can quickly turn your portable laptop into a dual-screen setup, giving you more screen real estate to multitask and be more efficient.

Imagine having your research on one screen while writing your report on the other and or keeping your email and calendar open on one screen while attending virtual meetings on the other.

Not only does a portable monitor enhance your productivity, but it also improves your overall work experience. Having a second monitor wherever you go allows you to create a more ergonomic and comfortable setup. You can position your screens at eye level, reducing strain on your neck and eyes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Monitor

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Monitor

There are several key factors to consider.

First, you’ll want to think about the size and weight of the monitor, as this will determine how easily you can transport it.

Next, picture quality is essential for a clear and vibrant display.

Additionally, connectivity options, battery life, and additional features should be considered to ensure the monitor meets your needs.

Size and Weight

When considering a portable screen, size and weight are crucial factors.

A portable monitor that weighs less than 2 pounds and has a screen size of 15.6 inches or smaller would be ideal for the freedom-seeking traveler. Such a monitor would fit comfortably in your backpack or laptop bag without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

With technological advancements, portable monitors are becoming increasingly slim and sleek, making them the perfect travel companion.

Picture Quality

Considering picture quality is essential for travelers who value convenience and freedom. As a frequent traveler, you need a monitor that delivers crisp and vibrant images, allowing you to work and enjoy multimedia content on the go.

The image quality of a portable monitor is determined by factors such as color accuracy and viewing angle. You want accurate colors that bring your photos and videos to life and a wide viewing angle that lets you see the screen clearly from different positions.

Look for a portable monitor that supports HDMI, USBC, or other connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with your devices. If you prefer a touchscreen experience, ensure the monitor has this feature.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options are crucial for travelers who want to connect their devices to a portable monitor. It’s important to consider the available connectivity features to ensure seamless integration with your devices.

The USB-C port is a versatile option that easily connects your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to the monitor. This enables you to extend your laptop screen, making it convenient to enjoy multimedia content on a larger display.

Additionally, a portable gaming monitor with HDMI connectivity can provide an immersive gaming experience for those interested in gaming on the go.

Battery Life

To optimize your user experience, prioritize battery life. Having a reliable and long-lasting battery is crucial for uninterrupted work or entertainment on the go.

Here are four reasons why battery life should be a top consideration:

  • Extended productivity: A long battery life allows you to work efficiently for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging.
  • Portable gaming: For gamers, a robust battery is essential for uninterrupted gameplay, especially during long flights or remote locations.
  • Extra screen flexibility: Whether you need an extra screen for multitasking or presentations, a monitor with a long battery life can be used anywhere without worrying about power outlets.
  • USB-powered convenience: Opt for a monitor that can be powered through a USB connection, providing convenience and versatility.

Additional Features

One crucial aspect to remember is the additional features they offer.

As a digital nomad, you’re constantly on the move and need a monitor to keep up with your needs. Look for a touchscreen portable monitor that allows you to navigate and interact with your device easily.

If you’re a gamer, consider a monitor explicitly designed for gaming, with high refresh rates and low response times.

For remote workers, look for features like built-in speakers and multiple connectivity options to connect your monitor to your laptop or other devices.

Additional features like adjustable stands can make working in different environments easier.

Top 10 Portable Monitors For Digital Nomads of 2024

When choosing a monitor, there are several top options to consider.

The Asus ZenScreen MB16AC offers a sleek design and impressive display quality.

The Lenovo ThinkVision M14t is known for its touchscreen capabilities and versatility.

The AOC I1659FWUX provides a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance.

The HP EliteDisplay S14 offers a portable and lightweight design, perfect for travel.

And the ViewSonic VG1655 boasts excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles.

1. Asus ZenScreen – Best Portable Touchscreen

The Asus ZenScreen is a lightweight, slim, portable monitor with a 15.6′ FHD display with USB Type-C and Type-A compatibility. This monitor is perfect for working travelers who need a mobile solution for their work.

With its ultra-portable design and smart cover, you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. The hybrid signal solution ensures compatibility with USB Type-C and Type-A sources, making it versatile and convenient.

The ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter ensures a comfortable viewing experience even during long work hours. Overall, the Asus ZenScreen MB16AC is a reliable and high-quality monitor.


  • Lightweight and slim design
  • USB Type-C and Type-A compatibility
  • ASUS Eye Care technology for comfortable viewing
  • Smart cover for easy portability
  • High-quality display


  • Requires DisplayLink driver for Type-A connection
  • Limited color options
  • A little fragile and requires additional accessories for protection
ASUS ZenScreen 15.6” 1080P Portable USB Monitor (MB16AC) – Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS, USB Type-C,…
  • 15.6” FHD IPS USB Type-C portable monitor with hybrid signal solution for compatibility with USB…
  • Ultra-portable award-winning design at 1.7 pounds and 0.3 inches slim to pair perfectly with ASUS…
  • Smart cover and smart pen hole allow for landscape and portrait orientations easily with auto…

2. Lenovo ThinkVision M14 – Best for Size and Weight

The Lenovo ThinkVision M14t offers a slim design and easy control of brightness, making it a convenient choice for those who value freedom and flexibility.

With its lightweight and paper-thin build, this monitor is perfect for carrying around as a second screen during your travels. It provides a second screen for your laptop while working on the go and can even be used as an extra monitor for your gaming PC.

The ThinkVision has a felt sleeve for slim storage and protection. However, it’s important to note that the foot/stand creates an uneven edge that could potentially cause screen damage if not stowed carefully.

The Lenovo ThinkVision is a solid option for those seeking a monitor that combines convenience and functionality.


  • Compatible with various laptop models and gaming PCs
  • Slim and portable design with included storage sleeve
  • Easy to control brightness
  • Virtually plug-and-play functionality


  • No support for using the monitor in vertical mode
  • Foot/stand creates potential screen damage if stowed carelessly
Lenovo ThinkVision M14 14″ Full HD 1920×1080 IPS Monitor – 300 Nit 6ms 2xUSB Type-C Ports Widescreen…
  • 14″ Fhd 1920 x 1080 IPS
  • 16. 7 million colors, 300 nit typical, 6ms with old – 60 Hz refresh
  • 2 x USB Type-C ports that supports DisplayPort 1. 2 Alt Mode and Pd2. 0

3. AOC I1659FWUX – Best For Price

The AOC I1659FWUX USB 3.0 portable monitor offers a plug-and-play solution for users. It has a single USB 3.0 cable for power and signal delivery, making it convenient and easy to use. This monitor is perfect for those who value convenience and versatility.

With its compact size and lightweight design, the AOC I1659FWUX is easy to carry and set up wherever you go. It has a 15.6-inch IPS screen and Full HD 1080P resolution, providing a crisp and clear display. Whether working or enjoying entertainment, this monitor delivers a great visual experience.

One of the standout features of the AOC I1659FWUX is its built-in stand, which allows for both portrait and landscape modes. This will enable you to use it in any orientation that suits your needs. Additionally, it is compatible with Windows and Mac, making it the best budget portable option.


  • USB-powered, no need for an additional power cord
  • Compact and portable design
  • High screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Comes with a foldable flexi-stand for flexibility
  • Compatible with Windows 8/10
  • Easy setup with a single USB 3.0 cable
  • Good customer reviews and ratings


  • Lack of advertised auto pivot function
  • Limited and spotty documentation
AOC I1659FWUX 15.6″ USB-powered portable monitor, Full HD 1920×1080 IPS, Built-in Stand, VESA
  • AOC USB 3.0 portable monitor with 15.6″ IPS screen and full HD 1080P (1920×1080) resolution.Specific…
  • Aspect Ratio is 16:9; Viewing Angle is 160/160
  • Power and signal delivery via a single USB 3.0 cable (No separate power cable needed, less to carry)

4. HP EliteDisplay S14 – Best Mid-Size

If you’re looking for a compact and light option, the HP EliteDisplay S14 is an excellent choice. With its sleek design and portable size, this monitor is perfect for nomads who need a second screen for work or entertainment.

The HP EliteDisplay S14 offers a range of features and benefits that make it a valuable addition to your mobile workspace. It has USB ports on both sides for easy placement and an adjustable angle for optimal viewing. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with your laptop’s sound and microphone, ensuring a seamless user experience.

While the HP EliteDisplay S14 has received positive feedback on its excellent quality screen and ease of portability, there are some limitations to consider. It requires a USB-C connection and is only compatible with EliteBook 840 G6 or greater, limiting its compatibility with other devices.

Overall, the HP EliteDisplay S14 is a reliable and convenient option with a compact design.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • USB ports on both sides
  • Adjustable angle for optimal viewing
  • It does not interfere with laptop sound and microphone
  • Matches the footprint of a 14′ Dell laptop


  • Requires a USB-C connection and is only compatible with EliteBook 840 G6 or greater
  • Feels heavier compared to other travel >monitors
  • Limited compatibility with other devices
HP EliteDisplay S14 14″ FullHD 1920 x 1080 Portable USB-C Display
  • Requires USB C Port to power/operate
  • Screen size: 14″
  • Screen mode: full HD

5. ViewSonic VG1655 – Best Reviews

You’ll love the ViewSonic VG1655 for its sleek design, USB-C connectivity, and versatile usage scenarios.

This monitor offers a premium aluminum design that exudes elegance and sophistication. With USB-C connectivity, you can enjoy fast data, audio, and video transfer with just one cable. This makes it incredibly convenient for people on the go.

The VG1655 is ultra-portable, weighing only 1.8 lbs and measuring just 0.6 inches thick. It’s the perfect companion for your laptop or tablet, providing additional screen real estate wherever you are.

Whether working from home, streaming in a cafe, or using it for troubleshooting and diagnostics, the ViewSonic VG1655 offers a versatile solution.


  • Sleek design and premium aluminum build
  • USB-C connectivity for fast data transfer
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Versatile usage scenarios, suitable for work and entertainment
  • Includes stand cover and screen protector
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty and US-based customer service


  • Full HD display, not as sharp as retina displays
  • Colors may appear washed out, lower color gamut
  • The audio quality is not impressive; the speakers sound a little tinny
ViewSonic VG1655 15.6 Inch 1080p Portable Monitor with 2 Way Powered 60W USB C, IPS, Eye Care, Dual…
  • ULTRA-PORTABLE MONITOR: 15.6 Inch Full HD (1920x1080p) IPS portable monitor with a premium aluminum…
  • SMALL AND COMPACT: With a weight of 1.8 lbs and a thickness of 0.6 in, this portable monitor is easy…
  • LESS CABLE CLUTTER: USB-C connectivity for fast data, audio and video transfer, and 60W charging…

6. INNOCN Portable Monitor – Best Overall

When considering the INNOCN portable monitor, you can expect a lightweight, compact design that offers versatile connectivity options and impressive display quality. This monitor is designed with the regular traveler in mind, providing a convenient and efficient solution.

With its USB C and Mini HDMI connectivity, the INNOCN monitor can easily be connected to a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles. The 15.6″ Full HD Self-Lit OLED display delivers stunning visuals with its 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, 100000:1 contrast ratio, and 400nits brightness. Whether working on graphic design projects or enjoying multimedia content, the INNOCN monitor ensures a vibrant and immersive viewing experience.

Its thin, lightweight design and detachable magnetic stand make it easy to carry and set up anywhere.


  • Lightweight and compact design for portability
  • Versatile connectivity options with USB C and Mini HDMI
  • Impressive display quality with Full HD Self-Lit OLED technology
  • Wide compatibility with laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles
  • Easy setup with plug-and-play functionality
  • Mac-friendly for seamless integration with Apple devices


  • Weak speakers may require external audio solutions
  • Limited customization options in OSD settings
INNOCN Portable Monitor 15.6″ OLED 1080P FHD USB C Laptop Monitor HDMI Computer Display HDR Gaming…
  • 【Portable Monitor with OLED Backlit, Upgrade Your Viewing Experience】This 15.6” Full HD…
  • 【USB C & Mini HDMI Connectivity, Wide Compatibility】 INNOCN portable computer monitor provide…
  • 【Real HDR Portable Gaming Monitor】INNOCN 15A1F OLED portable monitor delivers HDR technology,…

7. ASUS ProArt Display 14 – Best for Creatives and Graphic Design

ASUS ProArt offers exceptional color accuracy with its Calman Verified certification. It delivers a comfortable viewing experience with TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies.

This monitor is perfect for those of us who desire the freedom to work from anywhere. Its 14-inch FHD IPS anti-glare panel lets you enjoy wide viewing angles and minimal color shift, ensuring an immersive visual experience. The 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color gamut provide vibrant and accurate colors, making your work come to life.

The intuitive OSD control via ASUS Dial allows for easy adjustments, giving you complete control over your display settings. The metal kickstand and tripod socket also provide versatile and user-friendly design options.


  • Exceptional color accuracy
  • Portable and user-friendly design
  • Intuitive OSD control via ASUS Dial
  • Wide viewing angles and minimal color shift
  • TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies for a comfortable viewing experience


  • Built-in speakers are not great
  • The little knob on the monitor could be stronger
  • Instructions on swiveling the orientation could be better
ASUS ProArt Display 14” 1080P Portable Touchscreen Monitor (PA148CTV) – Full HD, IPS, 100%…
  • 14-inch Full HD IPS anti-glare panel with capacitive 10-point multitouch.Specific uses for product -…
  • Aspect Ratio is 16:9; Viewing Angle (CR≧10, H/V) is 178°/ 178°; Brightness (Typ) is 300cd/㎡
  • 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 color gamut, and Calman Verified with factory pre-calibrated Delta E < 2...

8. ASUS MB169B+ – Best USB Powered

The screen of the ASUS MB169B+ is highly praised for its clarity and vibrant colors. The ASUS is a great companion whether working on your laptop or enjoying downtime.

It’s easy to set up with both work and personal computers, and the case protects the screen during storage and transportation and doubles as a stand. However, some users have found the stand to be a bit tricky to set up and wobbly, especially in portrait mode.

Despite this, the monitor is lightweight, powerful, and fits perfectly in a laptop travel bag. It’s a reliable option for those who desire freedom and flexibility on the go.


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Exceptional color accuracy and wide viewing angles
  • Easy setup with USB connection
  • Compatible with both work and personal computers
  • It comes with a protective case that doubles as a stand


  • The case stand has limited angles
  • Difficult to fit in most laptop bags due to width
  • The setup process can be time-consuming
ASUS MB169B+ 15.6″ Full HD 1920×1080 IPS USB Portable Monitor
  • 15.6 inch Full HD portable USB powered monitor with a single USB 3.0 cable for power and data…
  • World’s slimmest and lightest USB monitor with a sleek and metallic finishIt needs just 1 USB…
  • Auto rotating display bundled with the ASUS Smart Case a 2 way adjustable stand and protective…

9. AOC 1601FWUX – Best for MacBook

You can simplify your connectivity and enhance productivity with the AOC I1601FWUX, an ultra-slim and USB-C monitor. This device is designed to provide a seamless and convenient way to extend your screen real estate, whether you’re working on a MacBook, notebook, or PC.

You can expect sharp and vibrant visuals with its 16-inch class IPS screen and Full HD 1080P resolution. The monitor also comes with a smart cover that protects the display when not in use, and its auto-pivot feature automatically detects the monitor’s orientation.

Regarding technical details, the AOC I1601FWUX has a standing screen display size of 15.6 inches and a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It weighs only 1.81 pounds and has a slim profile of just 0.35 inches, making it highly portable. The monitor is compatible with USB-C and USB 3.0 connectivity options, providing flexibility for different devices.


  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design for easy portability
  • Sharp and vibrant visuals with Full HD 1080P resolution
  • Smart cover for display protection
  • Auto-pivot feature for automatic orientation detection
  • Compatible with both USB-C and USB 3.0 connectivity options


  • Limited and spotty documentation
  • Different connectivity options for USB-C and USB 3.0
  • Lack of screen protection and connector protection
AOC I1601FWUX 15.6″ USB-C powered portable monitor, extremely slim, Full HD 1920×1080 IPS,…
  • .USB-C DP Alt Mode on host device is REQUIRED, there is NO HDMI input on this monitor.. Please check…
  • AOC USB-C portable monitor with 15.6″ IPS screen and Full HD 1080P (1920×1080) resolution
  • Only a single USB-C cable is needed to deliver both power and video signal from your laptop to the…

10. Lepow Portable Monitor – Best for Size

The Lepow Monitor provides a convenient and versatile display option when you’re on the go. Whether you’re a digital nomad working from different locations or someone who simply values the freedom to have an extra monitor wherever you go, this one has got you covered.

Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry around in your bag or backpack, allowing you to set up a dual-screen workstation wherever needed. The Lepow Monitor offers FHD resolution and acceptable brightness, ensuring a good viewing experience for your work or entertainment. It also features multiple connectivity options, including USB-C and HDMI ports, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.


  • Convenient way to extend screen real estate
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Offers FHD resolution and acceptable brightness


  • It may have a bluish cast
  • Power delivery depends on device compatibility
  • Compatibility with some devices may vary
Lepow Portable Monitor Latest 15.6 Inch FHD 1080P Ultra Slim Computer Display, IPS Eye Care Travel…
  • [Full HD 1080P Display] Lepow USB C Monitor delivers stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution visuals with…
  • [Multiple Devices Connection] Lepow monitor is compatible for laptops, PCs, Phones, PS3/4, XBOX ONE,…
  • [Smart Cover &Screen Protector] The smart cover is made with a durable PU leather exterior, a soft…

Other Portable Monitors to Consider

When considering other great portable monitors, there are several key options to explore.

The Dragon Touch 4K offers high resolution and vibrant colors, making it ideal for graphic design and multimedia tasks.

The Lenovo Corporate M14T stands out with its touchscreen capabilities, providing a seamless and interactive user experience.

Another option is the ZSCMALLS monitor, known for its affordability and versatility.

For those seeking a Full HD experience, the UPERFECT 1920X1080 is a great choice, while the UPERFECT 3840X2160 UHD offers an even more immersive and detailed viewing experience.

11. Dragon Touch 4K – Best for Gaming

If you’re looking for a monitor with impressive picture quality and affordability, the Dragon Touch 4K is a great option. It offers a 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, ensuring sharp and vibrant visuals. Its 15.6-inch screen provides ample display space, making it suitable for work or entertainment.

With a brightness of 300 cd/m², the images are clear and vivid, even in well-lit environments. The Dragon Touch 4K monitor is compatible with various devices thanks to its two USB ports and HDMI options. However, it is important to note that this monitor has no touchscreen functionality, despite the name.

Additionally, some users have reported issues with the built-in speakers and the flimsiness of the product. Nonetheless, the Dragon Touch 4K offers an affordable and high-quality option.


  • Outstanding picture quality, especially for the price
  • Works well with various devices as long as you use the included power adapter
  • It is about as portable as you can expect a 15″ monitor to be
  • Supports HDMI (via Mini HDMI port or USB-C connector that supports HDMI alt mode)


  • Built-in speakers aren’t loud enough
  • Magnetic attachment to folding stand is weak
  • Forgets image settings when disconnected from power
  • Not a touch screen as implied by the name
Dragon Touch 4K Portable – 15.6 Inch IPS HDR Gaming Monitor 100% sRGB FreeSync with Speakers VESA…
  • 【4K HDR Portable Monitor】This UHD IPS portable display with FreeSync and HDR technology and a…
  • Viewing Angle (CR≧10, H/V) is 178°/ 178°
  • 【100% SRGB Color Gamut】Featuring 100% SRGB color gamut, 300cd/㎡of brightness, and 1000:1…

12. Lenovo Corporate M14T – Best for Brightness

The Lenovo Corporate M14T offers a touchscreen feature for users seeking interactive capabilities. This sleek and slim monitor is perfect for folks who desire freedom and flexibility in their work setup.

With its Full HD LCD touchscreen and 1920×1080 resolution, the M14T delivers crisp and vibrant visuals. The WLED backlighting technology ensures optimal brightness at 300 Nits, allowing for clear visibility even in well-lit environments. Its VESA mount compatibility enables easy installation and customization according to your workspace requirements.

While the M14T has received positive feedback for its adjustable color options and slim build, some users have reported issues with its touchscreen responsiveness and loose USB-C port. Nonetheless, with its impressive display quality and interactive features, the Lenovo Corporate M14T is our top pick for brightness.


  • Adjustable color to match the laptop
  • It works great as a second monitor
  • Super slim and well-built
  • Includes a standard Lenovo pen with a double-button
  • Handy sleeve


  • No battery drains the laptop quickly
  • The touch screen is not responsive enough for note-taking
  • Requires hard pressure with the pen to register
Lenovo – Corporate Monitors M14T A20140FX0 14IN 4K UHD 2160p Monitor
  • The Full HD lcd touchscreen monitor is perfect for point-of-sale, hospitality, and many other retail…
  • The ThinkVision Full HD touchscreen monitor includes Full HD 1920×1080 resolution for staggering…
  • WLED backlighting technology enabled for a bright and sharp display

13. ZSCMALLS Portable Monitor – Best for Portability

You’ll appreciate the sleek and portable design of the ZSCMALLS monitor. Its slim dimensions of 14.01 x 8.82 x 0.35 inches and lightweight at 1.36 pounds make it perfect for those who value freedom and mobility.

This monitor offers a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9, providing you with fantastic picture quality for the price. It also features a broad viewing angle and includes HDR technology, enhancing your visual experience.

The ZSCMALLS monitor can be powered via USB, making it convenient for on-the-go use. It is compatible with laptops and phones and works well with the Nintendo Switch.

However, it lacks a magnet, clip, or elastic band to keep the portfolio closed, and the menu interface can be clunky and confusing. Despite these minor drawbacks, the ZSCMALLS monitor is an excellent choice for remote workers and frequent travelers.


  • Sleek and portable design
  • Fantastic picture quality for the price
  • Broad viewing angle
  • Includes HDR feature
  • Can be powered via USB
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch


  • Lacks a magnet, clip, or elastic band to keep the portfolio closed
  • The menu interface is clunky and confusing
  • Limited color options in the menu
ZSCMALLS Portable Monitor, 15.6″ 1080P Laptop Extended Monitor, 1000:1 100% sRGB USB-C HDMI Portable…
  • 【FHD 1080 Portable Monitor】 15.6″ frosted monitor offers stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution, IPS…
  • 【Multiple Display Modes】This USB C portable monitor features impressive plug-and-play…
  • 【Smart Design and Case】 Original protective cover, it has a durable PU leather look, it is…

14. UPERFECT 1920X1080 – Best for Limited Budget

One standout feature of the UPERFECT 1920X1080 monitor is its crystal-clear clarity. Whether you’re working on the go or enjoying some downtime, this monitor delivers stunning image quality that will make your visuals come to life. With its 15.6-inch display and 1920 x 1080 resolution, you can expect sharp and vibrant visuals to enhance your viewing experience.

But the UPERFECT offers more than just clarity. It is well-built with top-of-the-line materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The monitor also has various cable connections, including a Thunderbolt connector and a USB C to HDMI cable, making it compatible with multiple devices. Additionally, it includes a power brick for convenience and a well-made cover that doubles as a stand.

While the UPERFECT budget portable monitor has many pros, there are a few cons to consider. The cable connection location may cause routing dilemmas, and the pass-thru micro USB may not work with all devices. However, these minor drawbacks are outweighed by the monitor’s exceptional image quality and versatility.


  • Well-built with top-of-the-line materials
  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Good sound quality
  • Various cable connections included
  • Convenient power brick
  • Solid menu buttons
  • It can run on power from a USB C connector
  • Includes a well-made cover that doubles as a stand


  • Cable connection location may cause routing dilemmas
  • Pass-thru micro USB may not work with all devices
  • Requires additional accessories for VESA mounting holes.
UPERFECT Portable Monitor, 2023 [NewVersion No MiniDP Port] 15.6″ IPS HDR 1920X1080 FHD Eye Care…
  • [No MiniDP Port]: Versatile Digital Connection with Standard HDMI, Dual Type-C and OTG port make it…
  • [FHD 1080P IPS Screen]: HDR portable monitor delivers a vivid image and truly immersive viewing…
  • [Single Type-C Connect to Signal & Power]: Portable display features an innovative hybrid-signal…

15. UPERFECT True 4K UHD – Best 4K

Get ready to experience stunning visuals with UPERFECT’s True 4K monitor. It offers a resolution that will leave you in awe, providing vibrant colors and high brightness. The matte anti-glare screen with a glass back ensures a clear and immersive viewing experience, free from distractions.

With multiple video connectors, including mini-HDMI and 2 USB C, this monitor offers versatility and compatibility with different laptops and devices. The audio is passed through on all connections, enhancing the multimedia experience. The power is supplied through USB-C connections, making it convenient and hassle-free.

This UPERFECT monitor has received positive feedback from users, particularly praising the screen quality with no dead pixels, uniform lighting, and vibrant colors. It is also reported to be convenient for micro PCs and laptops. However, some users have mentioned issues with the stand, finding it weak and inconvenient for portrait mode. Nevertheless, UPERFECT provides excellent customer support, promptly addressing concerns or issues.


  • Stunning 4K resolution with vibrant colors and high brightness
  • Matte anti-glare screen with glass back for an immersive viewing experience
  • Multiple video connectors for versatility and compatibility
  • Audio passed through on all connections
  • Power is supplied through USB C connections for convenience


  • Weak and inconvenient stand for portrait mode
  • Limitations on power supply from older USB C ports
  • Power usage of the monitor at full capacity may be high
UPERFECT True 4K Portable Monitor, 600 Nits Brightness 100% AdobeRGB, Unique Arch Metal Frame,…
  • [UPERFECT Truely 4K IPS Screen]: UPERFECT features an true 4K IPS panel technology, which allows for…
  • [100% AdobeRGB & 600 Nits Brightness]: Compared to others, the monitor with wide color gamut – 100%…
  • [Unique Arc Metal Frame & Glass Back Design]: Made of curved aluminum chassis with CNC metal wire…
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