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Cuenca Ecuador is a tax haven for remote workers

Best Tax Havens for Digital Nomads – 13 Tax-Friendly Places

The 13 best tax havens for digital nomads in 2024 will help you keep more of the money you make while traveling the world.

As a digital nomad with the ability to work from anywhere, you have the opportunity to legally reduce your tax burden by strategically choosing countries with favorable tax policies. It’s not just about finding a cheaper place to live – by selecting one of the best tax havens for digital nomads; you can keep more money in your pocket.

This blog post will explore some of the top destinations that offer low or no taxes, reliable infrastructure, and visa options for remote workers. Whether you prefer a tropical paradise or a European location, you’ll find a list of ideal places to call home as a globetrotting digital nomad. With the right tax haven as your base, you can maximize your income and live your dream remote work lifestyle.

Quito Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador

Key Takeaways

  • US citizens must pay a citizenship-based tax, even if they don’t live in the US.
  • Digital nomads with companies may be subject to corporate taxes.
  • Digital nomad visas allow remote workers to reside in a foreign country temporarily and can provide tax benefits.
  • Several countries offer digital nomad visas with no tax liability, such as Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and Thailand.


Anguilla is an excellent option for a digital nomad looking for a tax haven. Known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, Anguilla also offers attractive tax benefits for digital nomads.

As a tax haven, Anguilla provides a favorable environment for individuals seeking to minimize their tax burden. By obtaining a digital nomad visa in Anguilla, you can enjoy the perks of living in one of the most tax-friendly countries in the world. Anguilla doesn’t impose income tax on its residents, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

This international tax advantage can significantly contribute to your financial well-being and allow you to focus on your work and travel experiences without worrying about excessive tax obligations.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda’s tax-free digital nomad visa requires a minimum income of $50,000. This beautiful Caribbean nation is a tax-friendly country offering attractive benefits for digital nomads. With its tax system and residency requirements, Antigua and Barbuda provides an appealing option for those seeking a tax haven.

To further emphasize the advantages of Antigua and Barbuda as a tax-friendly destination, here is a table highlighting key information:

Key InformationAntigua and Barbuda
Income Tax Rate0%
Tax Residency183 days
Digital Nomad VisaYes
Minimum Income$50,000

With a zero percent income tax rate and a digital nomad visa, Antigua and Barbuda offers an enticing opportunity for digital nomads to enjoy a tax-free lifestyle while exploring the beauty of the Caribbean. Consider Antigua and Barbuda your tax haven and take advantage of its favorable tax system.


Barbados is known for being one of the most tax-friendly countries for digital nomads. The government of Barbados has introduced tax breaks and incentives to attract remote workers and promote the digital nomad lifestyle.

One of the key benefits is the Barbados Welcome Stamp, which allows digital nomads to live and work in Barbados tax-free for up to one year. You must have a minimum income of $50,000 to qualify for this program.

With its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and favorable tax policies, Barbados is an attractive destination for digital nomads looking to enjoy the benefits of a tax haven while living their dream lifestyle.


Known for its tax-friendly environment, Bermuda offers attractive benefits for individuals and corporations alike.

As a tax resident in Bermuda, you can enjoy a zero percent personal tax rate, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads looking to minimize their tax burden.

Furthermore, Bermuda boasts a favorable corporate tax regime, with no corporate income tax on profits generated outside the country. This makes it an attractive option for digital nomads who own businesses or work as freelancers.

With its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and favorable tax situation, Bermuda is a top choice for digital nomads seeking a tax-friendly country to call their temporary home.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde offers digital nomads a tax-friendly environment with no local tax liability and a bank balance requirement. As one of the tax-friendly countries in Europe, Cape Verde is an attractive option for digital nomads looking for a favorable tax regime.

With no local tax liability, you can enjoy the benefits of a low-tax jurisdiction while pursuing your remote work adventures. Cape Verde’s tax laws ensure that your taxable income isn’t subject to local taxation, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money. This makes Cape Verde a desirable digital nomad destination for those seeking tax advantages.

If you’re considering taxation, Cape Verde is among the countries that offer a tax-friendly environment for your financial purposes.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tax haven

If you’re looking for another tax-friendly option as a digital nomad, consider Costa Rica. This Central American country offers favorable tax conditions that can benefit your financial situation.

Here are some key reasons why Costa Rica is an excellent choice for digital nomads:

  • Territorial Tax System: Costa Rica operates on a territorial tax system, which means you only pay taxes on income earned within the country.
  • Personal Income Tax: The individual income tax rates in Costa Rica are relatively low, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money.
  • Special Tax Regime: Costa Rica has a special tax regime for foreign individuals, providing additional tax incentives and benefits.
  • Tax Relief Programs Available: Costa Rica has various tax relief programs designed to support businesses and individuals.
  • Special Tax Incentives: Costa Rica offers special tax incentives for specific industries like technology and tourism.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia offers a digital nomad visa among the European countries and is known for being one of the tax-friendly countries for digital nomads. By choosing to live in Croatia, digital nomads can avoid high taxes and reduce their tax burden.

Croatia doesn’t impose local tax liability on digital nomads with digital nomad visas. This means you can enjoy living in a beautiful European country while minimizing your tax obligations. However, it’s important to note that the digital nomad visa in Croatia is valid for only one year and isn’t renewable.

Croatia is worth considering if you’re looking for a tax-friendly destination in Europe to establish your tax residency status.


When considering tax-friendly destinations for digital nomads, one option to explore is Curacao, known for its digital nomad visa program. As a tax haven for digital nomads, Curacao offers several advantages to those who earn a personal income through remote work.

Here are some key features of Curacao’s tax incentive program:

  • Digital nomads who reside in Curacao aren’t liable to pay taxes on their local income.
  • Curacao offers low tax rates for individuals, providing an attractive financial environment for digital nomads.
  • The tax incentive program in Curacao allows digital nomads to keep more of their hard-earned income.
  • By choosing Curacao as your base, you can benefit from the tax advantages and enjoy a higher quality of life.
  • Curacao’s digital nomad visa program offers a seamless and hassle-free process for obtaining residency.

With its favorable tax policies, Curacao is a promising destination for digital nomads seeking to optimize their financial situation and enjoy a tax-friendly environment.


Moving on to Dominica, another tax-friendly destination for digital nomads, you can enjoy numerous benefits and opportunities for optimizing your financial situation.

Dominica is one of the countries with zero income tax, which means you won’t have to pay taxes on your worldwide income.

Additionally, Dominica offers a nomad residence permit, making it easier for digital nomads to establish themselves in the country. This non-dom tax residency status allows you to take advantage of unique tax benefits.

Dominica has been actively working to attract digital nomads by creating a favorable tax environment.


Dubai offers digital nomads a tax-friendly environment with numerous benefits and opportunities for optimizing their financial situation.

As a digital nomad in Dubai, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Tax Reduction: Dubai has no personal income tax, which means you can keep more of your hard-earned money.
  • Tax Exemption: You won’t have to pay taxes on your global income, allowing you to save even more.
  • One-Year Digital Nomad Visa: Dubai offers a one-year visa specifically designed for digital nomads, allowing you to live and work in the city hassle-free.
  • Business Opportunities: Dubai is a thriving business hub, providing access to many professional opportunities.
  • High-Quality Lifestyle: With its modern infrastructure, luxurious amenities, and vibrant culture, Dubai offers a high-quality lifestyle for digital nomads to enjoy.


Ecuador is one of the best tax-friendly countries for digital nomads in South America, offering a favorable tax environment.

Living and working in Ecuador as a digital nomad means you aren’t liable to pay taxes on your worldwide income. This means you can keep more of your hard-earned money and enjoy living in a beautiful country.

Ecuador, located in South America, provides a cost-effective lifestyle with stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and a rich cultural heritage.


Thessaloniki Old Town in Greece

When considering the best tax havens for digital nomads, Greece offers enticing tax-friendly living and working opportunities. Here are some key factors to think about Greece’s tax system:

  • Local income: Greece taxes both residents and non-residents on their local income.
  • Flat tax rate: Greece has a flat tax rate of 22% for individuals, which can help simplify your tax planning.
  • Subsidies and tax relief programs: Greece offers various subsidies and tax relief programs to encourage investment and stimulate the economy.
  • Corporate taxes: Greece has a corporate tax rate of 24%, which may be favorable for digital nomads with companies.
  • Capital gains tax: Greece imposes a capital gains tax on selling real estate and securities.


Malaysian Flag best tax havens for digital nomads

Malaysia offers a range of benefits if you’re looking for an attractive tax haven as a digital nomad. Known for its low taxes, Malaysia is one of the most tax-friendly countries in the world.

As a digital nomad, you can pay significantly lower personal income taxes than in many other countries. Malaysia’s individual income tax rates range from 0% to 30%, depending on your income level.

Also, Malaysia doesn’t impose taxes on foreign-sourced income, making it even more appealing for digital nomads earning income from international clients.

Moreover, corporate taxes in Malaysia are also relatively low, making it an ideal location for digital nomads who operate their businesses.

FAQs About Best Tax Havens for Digital Nomads

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is an individual who uses technology to work remotely and has the freedom to travel and live in different countries.

Which countries are tax-friendly for digital nomads?

Some tax-friendly countries for digital nomads include [[TERMS]].

What is a digital nomad visa?

A digital nomad visa allows digital nomads to live and work in a specific country legally for an extended period of time.

Do digital nomads have to pay taxes?

The tax situation for digital nomads varies depending on their tax residency, the countries they earn income, and the tax laws of those countries.

How can digital nomads reduce their tax liabilities?

Digital nomads can reduce their tax liabilities by taking advantage of tax treaty deductible expenses and structuring their business in a tax-efficient manner.

What is international tax law?

International tax law refers to the set of rules and regulations that govern taxation across borders and help determine the tax obligations of individuals and businesses operating in multiple countries.

Can digital nomads choose where they pay taxes?

A: Digital nomads may have some flexibility in choosing where they pay taxes depending on their tax residency and the tax systems of different countries.

Are there specific tax laws for digital nomads?

There are no specific tax laws targeting digital nomads, but the tax obligations of digital nomads are determined based on general tax laws and regulations.

What are the best tax havens for digital nomads?

The best tax havens for digital nomads are typically countries that have tax-friendly policies, low or no corporate and personal tax rates, and a favorable tax system for remote workers.

Can digital nomads work and live in any country?

Digital nomads can work and live in many countries, but they need to consider the tax implications and visa requirements of each country.

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