5 Unique cat trees for large cats with buyers guide

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Kitty cats love to climb up to elevated vantage points. They just love to be able to keep an eye on what’s going on in the room. In this article, we have scoured the cat-o-sphere to find the most unique cat trees for large cats.

unique cat trees for large cats

Larger cats don’t have such an easy ride because many cat trees are simply not strong enough to support the larger feline. This can be dangerous for your furry friend so you should take your time when choosing the perfect cat tree.

The most unique cat trees for large cats come with a more robust design and have larger platforms. This means that your cat will be able to climb until his/her heart is content without the worry of the thing falling over.

We’ve carefully chosen 5 of the best and most unique cat trees for big cats. The criteria for our decisions are based on size, build quality, unique design, after-sales service, and of course aesthetics have been taken into consideration, too.

If you are in a hurry, the Top 5 Unique Cat Trees for Large Cats are:

  1. Hey-Brother Multi-Level Cat Tree
  2. Vesper Cat Furniture
  3. FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree
  4. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree
  5. MidWest Cat Furniture

You might also like to check our FAQ section where we have answered many of the common questions about cat trees/towers.

Considerations When Buying a Cat Tree

Cat trees are a fun way for your cat to practice their climbing skills. This behavior is rooted in their DNA and comes from ancient survival instincts.

When buying the perfect cat tree, first check the dimensions. After that, read the reviews to make sure that this particular model will support your pussycat. If you are still not sure, send an email to the store with your cat’s size and weight for advice. Finally, don’t go for the cheaper options, like many pet products, you get what you pay for.


Regular cat trees often have small platforms and resting areas. They are usually not robust enough to support big cats. The danger is that the entire cat tree can topple over and cause havoc in your living room. Always check the specifications and weight limits of the cat tree in the product listing.

In addition to wider resting areas, larger models come with features such as a broader base and reinforced areas. The best cat trees come with an attachment so that you can screw them into the wall.


If your cat tree is going to be the pride of place in your living room, it is vital to choose one which looks nice and fits well with the décor of your home.

  • Tall & Thin Cat Trees – Some cat trees can be over six feet tall. The highest models are usually pretty narrow and are ideal when you are pushed for space or have very adventurous kitties.
  • Small Cat Trees – The tiniest cat trees measure three or four feet in height. If you have an older cat that doesn’t like to climb and prefers to stay closer to the floor, this may be all you need.
  • Unique Cat Trees for Large Cats – Cat trees have come a long way in the last couple of years. There are some stunning designs and very imaginative setups. Elements that can vary from tree to tree are material types, wood finish, and architecture. Some cat trees have removable areas which are great for keeping your cat interested.
  • Basic Cat Trees – The cheapest kind of cat tree typically has a couple of platforms/perches. Basic cat trees have between two to four raised levels and sometimes a small house/condo or cat hammock.

Cat Tree Buying Guide

There are a few considerations when choosing the right cat tree. We have made a shortlist of the things you should bear in mind to choose wisely.

Which design?

Questions you might like to ask yourself are:

  • How much space do I have available?
  • What color scheme will look best?
  • How many platforms does my cat need?
  • Does my furry friend require a condo or a hammock in the design?

Take a look at the different features of each model before taking the plunge.

What type of cat do you have?

Every tree is not suitable for every cat. Your cat’s personality is a big factor when choosing a tree.

Older or less able kitties might not want to climb and prefer the platforms to be closer together. They might also love you more if you provide them with soft padded areas for them to sleep the day away.

Younger and fitter felines might be happier with more levels and smaller platforms to hone their balancing skills. Some of the ramps can be pretty steep and can be a challenge for even the fittest of cats.

Somewhere to scratch

Scratching is a normal, instinctive cat behavior. They do it for many reasons such as to express emotions, like excitement or stress, to mark objects with their scent, to remove the dead part of their nails, and, usually just to have a wonderful stretch.

Choose a cat tree that has at least one scratching area. The platform should be big enough for your kitty to stretch out and scratch.


Cat trees that have toys attached to them are popular with most cats as they encourage interaction with their environment. Higher-end cat trees have bridges that connect one platform to another. Always check that these are firmly attached before your pet jumps aboard. Other trees have platforms with small holes, in which to keep your cat’s toys or snacks.

What’s it made from?

Probably the most important aspect to consider is the material. Many modern cat trees are made of “particle wood” which as the name suggests, consists of particles of wood glued together. This material is very strong and a good choice for your cat tree. There are also corrugated cardboard and wooden versions available with the latter being stronger and more durable.


If your favorite feline is a portly little fellow after years of fine dining, you’re going to have tree stability at the forefront of your mind. Your tree must be able to support your cat’s weight without any tree movement. Bigger bases are better! Take a look at the size of the base in the product specs and choose the largest one your room can accommodate.

Is your cat safe?

Many trees have safety features such as straps that connect the cat tree to a wall. That way you can go out without worrying about kitty having a fall. Also, make sure that any holes are big enough for your cat to fit through. Finally, check that all other attachments such as hammocks, bridges, scratching posts, etc. can support a little more than the weight of your pet.

The cost

There is a huge price range for cat trees but let’s say that the cheapest cat trees are around $40 and the highest prices can be well over $200. It’s a good policy to set your budget before you start looking or you might get tempted to spend more than you originally intended.

Setting it up

Pay attention to the ease of assembly. Most cat trees are easy to erect and come with everything you need to put them together. Again check the product reviews on Amazon to see how other customers have gotten on with assembling their trees, and whether they needed any additional tools to get the job done.

Unique Cat Trees for Large Cats

Hey-Brother 65″ Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

The Hey Brother 65″ Cat Tree is probably the most comfortable cat tree for your fur baby to catch up on some well-earned sleep. It is also one of the most stable cat trees available today.

  • Product
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Hey-brother 65" Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture with Sisal-Covered Scratching...

Last update was on: March 24, 2023 8:54 pm

Customers are drawn to the multi-layer design that takes into account the climbing ability of cats of all ages, sizes, and ailments. The Hey Brother is also very easy to clean and is easily large enough for two medium-sized cats (or one large one).

The platform at the peak of the structure has a plush faux fur pad, a gorgeous spot to play or catch up on some kitty dreaming. And It’s even removable for easy cleaning. A great safety feature of the top platform is the rolled edge. This is an added precaution to prevent heavy sleepers from taking an accidental tumble.

For cat-condo fans, there are two spacious condos with a swimming pool (just kidding about the pool!) Each of the platforms levels up intuitively which encourages your pet to climb without any stress to access the next perch. There is also an extended hammock which is favored by younger and more agile cats.

The Hey Brother 65″ is built with sturdy beams which are tightly wrapped in sisal to provide your pussycat with lots of areas to have a satisfying scratch. The icing on the proverbial cake is a couple of jingly ball toys which are securely suspended from the tree.

The base is solid and made from a CARB-certified board and this cat tree comes with a wall strap for total anti-toppling security.

Owners of Hey Brother cat trees can rest assured that whether their fuzzy friends are playing or resting, the integrity of the cat tree remains secure and stable to keep them safe.

Vesper Cat Furniture

Vespa is a company of cat lovers for cat lovers and it shows in their products. Their cat trees are really something special and available in many colors and sizes to suit every size of cat and room.

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Vesper Cat Tree, High Base, Walnut, 52045

& Free shipping
Last update was on: March 24, 2023 8:54 pm

Vesper makes gorgeous cat trees that are built to last. The company even offers replacement scratching poles, cushions, carpets, and toys, so even if the cat tree gets damaged by playful kittens and cats, you can easily change out the parts that are damaged without replacing the whole unit.

Vespa cat towers have very wide bases for larger cats. They provide excellent stability even when your pussycat is jumping from platform to platform. The platforms have memory foam inside soft removable cushions. They mold to the exact body shape of your cat to provide your beloved feline with the ultimate comfort.

Like many modern cat trees, the poles are covered with sisal. This material is inviting for your cat and they just want to scratch it (which is great news for your furniture). Every design from Vesper has a small box for your cat to hide out. They can retire to their “condo” to get off the floor and feel safer.

These trees aren’t small but despite their size, they are lightweight and easy to move around. They feature rounded edges and corners so your cat doesn’t get injured and the whole installation process is very straightforward.

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Big Cats

The cat equivalent to ‘Trump Tower”, this unique cat tree for big cats has a ton of features and a great safety record. This multi-level playhouse features two condos, a tunnel, a basket/hammock, and three perches (with raised edges for extra safety).

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FEANDREA 67" Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: March 24, 2023 8:54 pm

The FEANDRA cat home is made from CARB-certified natural particle boards. This material is known for excellent durability and it’s very lightweight compared to real wood.

There are an incredible eight sisal-covered poles on the tree. This means that your favorite feline can have a scratch on every level. Every platform, bed, and box has soft padding which makes it a firm contender for the most comfortable cat tree available today.

These perfect trees come with detailed instructions for quick and easy installation. They are easy to clean and fit into the corner of any room corner.

FEANDRA has excellent customer service and at the time of writing, the trees have a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

The AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree is one of the most unique cheap cat trees for large cats. It’s a real bargain for what you get and has rave reviews from over 6,000 customers.

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Amazon Basics Multi-Level Cat Tree With Hammock And Cave - 22 x...

Last update was on: March 24, 2023 8:54 pm

There are eight styles to choose from and three colors at the time of writing. There are lots of features on these stunning trees including condos, hammocks, side platforms, perches, ladders, and toys. Each tier of the tree has lots of space for your cat to catch some z’s and the condo provides a safe space for your pet to watch the world go by.

All areas of these cat trees including the base have a plush fabric cover that is both soft and comfy for your cat to relax on. The AmazonBasics Cat Tower has multiple pillars covered in natural and durable jute rope. Jute is a wonderful material for cats that love to scratch and sharpen their claws.

Available in beige, dark brown, or grey, the neutral color schemes ensure that the trees look “at home” in any kind of room and with any kind of décor.

All of the cat trees in this list are easy to put together and the AmazonBasics is no exception.

MidWest Cat Furniture

MidWest Cat Furniture makes unique cat towers for adult cats. A little smaller than the others on our list, they come in 13 styles with a bunch of trendy patterns and eye-catching color schemes.

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MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree | Tower Cat Furniture, 5-Tier Cat...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: March 24, 2023 8:54 pm

The bottom of the cat tower has a rounded cat condo and there are two plush platforms for your cat to rest its weary head. The platforms have raised edges that provide a great place for your cat to lay their head when snoozing. There is also a hole in the top platform so that your pussy can move freely from one to the other.

Your cat will love the cute hanging toys spaced around this cat tower for large cats and they will go nuts for the jute rope scratching poles (which is arguably the most durable material for cat-scratching posts).

No worries with installation as you get everything you need to assemble it in the package from the manufacturer. You’ll also receive an instruction manual to guide you through each part of the process.
Concerning safety, MidWest Cat Trees come with secure bolts on the bottom of the platforms which provide some of the best stability in the market.

Our Verdict

Vesper Cat Furniture is one of the leaders in the production of cat furniture for large cats. A great mix of elegance with functionality, there is a nice range of models to suit every animal’s needs.

The stability of the Vesper models is top-notch and we love that you can replace the parts if they get damaged.

Whichever tree you decide on, make sure you get a guarantee and that there is an after-sales service should you have any issues.


Are there cat trees for large cats?

Yes, there is a wide choice of cat trees for large cats. Our favorite is the Vespa Double Cat Tree with a double condo and wide base. With nearly 5k happy customers on Amazon, you can read the reviews here.

Are there cat trees for small cats?

There are a heap of options for small cats. We really like the Lesure Cat Tree which has two condos, two scratching posts, multi-level platforms, and a plush ball. It measures 20″ x 18″ x 34″ and has a sturdy wooden base.

What is the largest cat tree?

The tallest cat scratching tree measures 9.85 m (32 ft 3 in) and was constructed by Shanghai Chowsing Pet Ltd in Shanghai on 15 August 2018. As the world’s largest cat tree, it has a total of 15 layers and weighs 9,392 kg (10.35 US tons).

World records aside, the largest practical cat trees on Amazon are around 70 to 80 inches high. Our recommendation is the Hey-brother Cat Tree with 3 caves, 3 cozy perches, scratching posts, a board, and an activity center.

The Hey-brother Cat Tree is supported by sturdy posts, has an enlarged baseboard to avoid wobbling or tipping over, and has anti-toppling fittings to provide maximum safety for your cherished friend.

What is the sturdiest cat tree?

Vespa cat trees are among the sturdiest cat trees on the market. Also worth a mention are the companies FEANDRA and MidWest Furniture.

It goes without saying that the sturdiest trees will be shorter in height. A good choice for worry-free cat fun is the AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree.

Can a cat tree be too big?

Cats are known to love heights, but you don’t want to get a cat tree that is too tall as it could be dangerous for your pet.

Falls from any height can cause head trauma, sprains, and abdominal injuries so please be aware of your cat’s health and agility when choosing the right cat tree for your home. Don’t be too worried though because cats have amazing balance and can easily handle the heights of modern cat towers/trees.

What is the ideal height of a cat tree?

The ideal size cat tree depends on how much space you have available, the size of your cat, and the age/health of your cat. In most cases, a height of around 36 inches (91 cm) is a good minimum size for a cat tree.

This height is based on the average height of common household furniture. To keep your cat tree interested in its tree and to discourage it from climbing the other furniture, you should get a cat tree to at least match the height of the other furniture.

Thanks for “Cat Tree” flickr photo by Accretion Disc shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license.

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