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17 Tips on How to Make Friends as a Digital Nomad

Do you feel lost and alone in a world of digital nomads? Are you yearning for the connection that comes with having friends? You’re not alone. Making friends can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this article, we offer 17 valuable tips on how to make friends as a digital nomad.

Travelers at sunset to show how to make friends as a digital nomad

Making friends as you travel is possible—all it takes is knowing where to look! In this article, we’ll discuss how to use coworking spaces, local events, online groups, coliving spaces, and more to connect with fellow digital nomads around the world.

Why Meet Nomads?

You might wonder why connecting with other nomads is so important!

Making likeminded friends has several benefits, from exchanging digital nomad tips on the best coworking and coliving spaces to attending related events together.

Digital nomad friends having fun

Connecting with kindred spirits in coworking spaces is a great way to build friendships that may last longer than your current location. You will have access to reliable internet and other amenities, and the space often hosts regular social events that allow members to mingle and connect. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn about new cultures and share experiences living abroad with others in similar situations.

Finding potential friends doesn’t have to stop at coworking spaces. However – there are countless online resources such as Facebook Groups, Reddit threads, Telegram communities, Meetup groups, and more where you can get advice from seasoned travelers and find out about upcoming events near you. So don’t be afraid to reach out.

Connect in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are great places to connect with others, so why not drop in and see who’s around? You never know who you might meet: a local, a coworker, or another like-minded individual.

Coworking spaces provide an opportunity to find like-minded professionals to collaborate with and learn from. If you can’t find the perfect coworking space for your needs, it might be worth joining a Facebook Group or checking out a hostel where other digital nomads hang out.

Digital nomads connecting in a coworking space

You can also try connecting online by joining online communities and attending Meetups catering to the digital nomad community. While networking at cafes is always an option for someone looking for social interaction, consider taking language courses because it’s one of the best ways to make friends while exploring different cultures abroad!

Making friends doesn’t have to be complicated; you only need initiative and creativity. Invite people over for dinner or drinks, join groups on social media platforms, and check out local events…you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by new acquaintances!

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Check Local Events

Attending local events can be a great way to broaden your horizons and get to know people in the area who may not necessarily be digital nomads. This could include a small meetup of coliving residents to larger work gatherings or language exchange groups.

You can also use sites like Meetup or Eventbrite to find out what’s happening in the city you’re visiting – this is particularly useful if you’re traveling to one of the prominent nomad hotspots. If you’re looking for more adventure, why not join other travelers on an excursion? You never know who or what connections you’ll make along the way!

Group of young people having fun at a meetup

Making an effort to attend local events allows you to connect with people in a comfortable atmosphere. Interacting with locals is one of the best ways to learn about a new culture and get involved in its traditions and activities. Plus, it’s usually much cheaper than taking expensive tours, so it’s a win-win!

Don’t forget that finding buddies doesn’t always require having common interests – often, just talking about yourself and learning about someone else can be enough for two people to bond over. So take some time out of your day and explore whatever interests you – attending a fantastic art show, visiting a museum exhibit, or catching up on some live music. These experiences will help expose you to different cultures and give you plenty of networking opportunities.

Who knows? Maybe by attending these events, you’ll gain more insight into yourself too! Moving onto summits…

Go to Summits

Going to summits is a great way to expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded people without worrying about breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights from industry leaders that will help shape your future career path.

Here are some of the ways attending summits can help you seek out new friends as you venture to new places:

  • You’ll meet other others who have similar interests or goals.
  • You’ll be able to join in on conversations between experts in various fields.
  • You’ll be able to network with potential employers and find out about job opportunities abroad.
  • You’ll get to attend workshops and panels to learn more about how others have found friends in the community.

Attending summits is an excellent way for folks to explore new places, share ideas, exchange experiences, and make meaningful connections with people worldwide. With its relaxed atmosphere and a wide variety of topics covered at events, it’s easy for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience to find something interesting they can contribute or learn from others.

So why not grab a ticket and start making new friends today?

Facebook Groups

Connecting with other digital nomads is a great way to learn and grow, and Facebook Groups are a great place to start! Joining the right group can help in a new city, make connections with locals, learn the local language, or meet expats who can help you get around.

Screenshot of a Facebook Digital Nomad group

Relevant Facebook groups also provide helpful advice on navigating your new home and building a community. Whether it’s finding work opportunities or tips on where to eat, having access to this information can be invaluable.

You don’t have to go it alone when you become part of these online communities – join in the conversations, ask questions, and benefit from the collective wisdom of fellow travelers.

Reddit Connections

Discovering Reddit is an ideal way to expand your network and gain access to valuable advice and resources. With its abundant discussion forums and vibrant community, you’ll surely find the support you need as you embark on your journey!

Make a post in one of the many subreddits dedicated to this topic or comment on someone else’s post – either way, chances are good that someone will respond with helpful information or even make plans for meeting up!

Screenshot of the Reddit digital nomad community

By joining the right Reddit communities, it’s easy to connect with people who share similar lifestyles and goals to yours. You can converse with fellow “slow travelers” from around the world and exchange stories about their experiences traveling while working remotely. Through these connections, you can receive advice on how best to navigate life – from finding trusted resources such as reliable Wi-Fi hotspots or budget travel tips – allowing you to grow personally and professionally.

Taking part in Reddit discussions is also a great way to build relationships with people who understand y what it feels like to live abroad without family nearby. You may even develop friendships that last beyond your travels! Taking advantage of such opportunities gives solace in knowing someone has been through something similar and might just be able to help along the way.

In the future, visit popular destinations where digital nomads gather so that you can further strengthen these bonds in person; nothing beats face-to-face interactions!

Making new acquaintances doesn’t have to be intimidating. Visiting popular destinations is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. It’s an ideal opportunity to explore your nomad life and connect with others looking for friendships.

The colosseum in Rome

Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of it:

  • Get out of your comfort zone – challenge yourself by attending events, trying something new, or joining local activities that interest you.
  • Take advantage of cafes – these places are usually filled with friendly locals who’d be happy to chat and advise about their city! Plus, it’s a great way to relax after a long workday.
  • Use online platforms – many websites and apps are available where you can meet people from all over the world.
  • Strike up conversations – don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone at the hostel or bar – even if it’s just a simple hello! You never know when you might find someone with whom you click instantly.
  • Use technology – Social media networks offer plenty of opportunities for those who want to expand their network and find friends in unexpected places.

By actively engaging in activities that allow us to meet new people, we open ourselves up to endless possibilities for expanding our personal and professional lives while immersing ourselves in different cultures worldwide.

The key is being proactive about connecting with those around us—whether through small talk at coffee shops or signing up for group events—and embracing every chance we get to meet interesting new people during our travels! With this approach, we can create meaningful experiences and memories that’ll last us a lifetime – all while taking advantage of hostels and other accommodations along the way!

Take Advantage of Hostels

Forget Airbnb because taking advantage of hostels is a great way to explore your nomadic lifestyle and create lasting memories along the way! Staying in hostels allows you to meet friends who may share your lifestyle.

Living abroad can be daunting, but staying in a hostel can make it much easier by providing a social atmosphere where creating a new friend or two is possible, if not inevitable. Plus, there’s always the chance that one of those friendships will result in lifelong friendships as you move from destination to destination.

A couple checking in to a hostel

Hostels also provide an opportunity to get to know people from all walks of life who come from different parts of the world. Whether they are locals or other digital nomads, everyone has an exciting story and perspective on how they ended up living abroad, which makes for some memorable conversations!

Hostels are the perfect place to find compatible travelers and make new companions. The communal areas, such as lounges and common rooms, provide excellent opportunities for meeting others who may have similar interests, whether it be travel tips or simply having someone to share dinner with after being alone most of the day working remotely. Traveling alone without feeling completely isolated is hard enough, so why not take advantage of these social hangouts?

Many hostels offer fun activities such as movie nights and barbecues, and they even have meetup groups like language exchange meetings that could help you pick up on some local words while getting to know some new people simultaneously!

Although it can be intimidating to strike up conversations with strangers at first, don’t forget that most people staying in hostels are open-minded travelers looking for similar experiences, thus making them more likely than most locals (who already have their own established networks) to welcome newcomers into their group with open arms. So don’t be shy – seize every opportunity you get while taking advantage of staying in hostels – because before long, your network will expand beyond what you ever imagined possible when embarking on this journey!

Let’s discuss another great way nomads can make pals: hanging out at expat bars!

Hang out in Expat Bars

Grab a beer and join the conversation at an expat bar to meet new people and hear stories from around the world! Bars are often filled with travelers looking for companionship and eager to find someone who understands their remote work life.

Here, you can find friends, connect with people, and not feel lonely. Enjoy great drinks in a relaxed setting, listen to music from around the world, and play games with your brethren.

Travelers in an expat bar

At an expat bar, it’s easy to start conversations with others who have endured similar experiences – whether learning a new language or adapting to different cultures. You may even discover another traveler looking for someone to explore your current city or plan trips together!

With alcoholic drinks, music from all over the globe, and games to play – what more could you ask for? So don’t be shy – grab a beverage and join the fun. Ready for some team sports? Let’s head out and get active!

Play Team Sports

Playing team sports is a great way to bond with others and have healthy competition!

It’s no surprise; whether you’re a transient looking for friends in a new city or a local looking for ways to make new mates, playing team sports is a great way to meet locals. Not only can it be physically beneficial, but it can also be incredibly social and mentally rewarding.

Not only that, but you get the bonus of having fun while making lasting connections with others. Plus, most team sports require less commitment than joining a club or organization, so you don’t need to worry about feeling stuck if the game isn’t your thing.

With all these advantages, it’s no wonder why playing team sports is such a great choice. Joining classes can offer another opportunity to expand your social circle – keep reading to learn more!

Attend Classes

One great way to make new friendships is to attend classes in the area. Whether it’s a yoga or cooking class or something more unique like glass blowing or Japanese calligraphy, there’s bound to be something that interests you.

You will add new skills to your repertoire and be surrounded by people who share your interests and are likely open to socializing with new people. Plus, depending on the class type and length, you could have multiple opportunities to get to know one another over time.

Attending classes can provide comfort and familiarity that may feel lacking when arriving in an unfamiliar place. It’s natural for us all to want companionship; having peers in a structured environment can help fill that need faster than just wandering around town hoping for an invitation from someone else.

Being part of a group gives us access to more options – whether joining them at local hot spots or getting together privately for activities that aren’t available elsewhere – so don’t be afraid to take advantage!

Classes also offer the bonus of exploring subjects we might not otherwise have had the opportunity – allowing us insight into different cultures and ways of life that we wouldn’t get from sightseeing alone. Learning alongside others creates meaningful connections; whether those relationships last past the duration of the course remains up to each participant (and their schedule), but any interaction is sure to leave some lasting memories along with new experiences and knowledge.

Exchange Language Lessons

If you’re looking further to immerse yourself in the culture of your new home, why not try exchanging language lessons? Practicing and learning a new language is easy while making deep connections.

With so many online resources available today, finding suitable partners is easier than ever. You can search for people based on their location or native tongue and even set up virtual meetings with them. This is a great way to form friendships with those who share similar interests and are willing to help teach each other their respective languages.

In addition, exchanging language lessons also provides an opportunity for cultural exchange. By discussing topics related to the native country of your partner, such as its customs, traditions, art, music, or food culture, you can gain valuable insights into the local culture that would otherwise be difficult to come by. You may even develop lasting friendships due to this cultural exchange!

Go on Tours

Another great way to meet people is by going on tours.

A bus tour in Bandung, Indonesia

Organized group activities with other locals and travelers can be an excellent way to meet new people. Not only that, but it can also be a perfect opportunity to explore the country you’re currently living in or visiting more deeply.

Whether you join a cultural tour, take part in an outdoor adventure, or explore hidden gems of the city – there are plenty of ways to learn about a place while finding new friends at the same time.

When joining these tours, make sure to prepare yourself for some friendly conversations with your fellow travelers. Ask them questions about their lives and experiences, share stories of your travels and adventures – try to find common ground between your paths, and exchange contact information if you feel like it!

Even if it’s just for one evening or one day – meeting people from around the world is always exciting and informative! And who knows? Maybe after this tour, you’ll have made valuable contacts that will help you during your stay in the country or even when you return home!

Making friends as a digital nomad doesn’t have to feel daunting when there are plenty of options, like taking tours available for those looking for companionship on their journey. So why not hop on board and enjoy life outside your comfort zone? An exciting adventure awaits – happy travels!

Learn the Local Language

Learning the local language can help you unlock a deeper understanding of the culture and open up more meaningful opportunities to connect with people. Whether you take classes at a local school, hire a private tutor, or practice with locals alone, immersing yourself in the language can make it easier to relate to those around you.

As a bonus, mastering the language will also give you access to activities that may not be available to tourists. This could mean anything from attending interesting lectures or participating in outdoor excursions with locals.

Making friends abroad involves stepping out of your comfort zone and community involvement. By learning the native tongue, you are putting yourself into situations where it’s easy for relationships to form naturally. You might discuss current events during lunchtime conversations or share stories over drinks after work. Whatever it is, speaking someone else’s language will give your conversations an extra layer of connection and understanding that wouldn’t otherwise be possible if English was being used exclusively.

Exploring different cultures through their unique languages offers a fantastic opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery while connecting with others on a much deeper level than ever before. Plus, by taking some initiative and showing respect for their customs and traditions, chances are better that locals will welcome you into their circles, which can lead to lifelong friendships along your journey.

Ready for more? Then let’s take a tour together to meet other travelers!

Co-living Spaces

Living and working with remote-working travelers worldwide is a great way to gain new perspectives and discover exciting opportunities, so why not try co-living?

Co-living spaces are popping up in cities worldwide, offering short-term and long-term accommodations for digital nomads. Whether looking for a place to stay for just one night or an entire month, coliving provides a convenient living space to help jumpstart your social life.

The best part of staying at coliving places is that they offer plenty of communal activities perfect for networking and making friends. From game nights to yoga classes, there’s something for everyone! Plus, many coliving places also provide meals or cooking facilities where you can share meals and stories with other travelers – what better way to get to know someone than over dinner?

When you feel lonely, coliving spaces offer great connections while away from home. It’s no wonder why so many people choose this route when relocating abroad. Its affordability and convenience make it easy to see why coliving has become such a popular choice among digital nomads.

With that said, let’s move on to finding out how to use Facebook events search as another tool in our quest for friendship!

Now that you know how to take advantage of co-living spaces, it’s time to turn your attention to another great resource: Facebook event search. With a few clicks, you can quickly find events near you and connect with digital nomads who share your interests.

Screenshot of Facebook event search

Whether you’re interested in attending a meditation class or joining a hiking group – there’s something for everyone on Facebook. You can even join virtual events if there aren’t any happening nearby. All you have to do is look up the event keyword and filter by location. This makes it easy to find people who are living near your current location or will be visiting soon.

Facebook Events and meetups are a fantastic way to meet other digital nomads, make new friends, and learn about different activities and opportunities in the area. Plus, many of these events are free or low-cost!

So don’t hesitate; start exploring Facebook Events today – endless possibilities! And why not take things one step further? Try connecting with local Facebook groups.

Local Facebook Groups

Connecting with local Facebook groups can open up a whole new world of exciting opportunities and unexpected encounters. Joining a group that caters to digital nomads allows you to meet others just like you, build relationships, and explore the area you’re visiting.

Here’s why connecting with local groups is so beneficial:

  • It gives you access to valuable insider knowledge from people in the area.
  • You can learn about events or activities that may not be well-advertised elsewhere.
  • It opens doors for collaboration on projects or business ventures.

Being part of these communities helps create a strong sense of belonging while traveling and can lead to lifelong connections with people worldwide. Without leaving your laptop, you can become part of a supportive online community where everyone understands what it means to be a digital nomad.

And by attending local events or meetups, you get an even deeper connection with the place you’re visiting and its culture.

Attend Language Exchanges

Experience the culture and make connections with locals by attending language exchanges! Whether you’re just starting on your nomadic journey or have been living abroad for years, language exchanges are an effective way to learn the local language, gain insight into a new culture, and make friends. The table below lists some of the benefits of attending a language exchange.

SocializeMeet locals and practice speaking in the target language with them.
Cultural ExchangeLearn more about the culture through conversations with native speakers.
Free ClassesGet free lessons from those who know best – native speakers!
Make Friendships Lasting Beyond BordersDevelop long-term relationships with people from around the world.
Improve Your Language Skills Quickly & EffectivelyReceive feedback and advice from others to perfect your skills.

Participating in a language exchange is an enjoyable experience that will leave you feeling enriched and connected with those around you. It will help you expand your network and open doors to various exciting opportunities in different countries. Don’t miss this chance to create meaningful experiences while increasing your global reach!

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