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Visitors Beware: The Risks of Renting Apartments in Manila

This article serves as a cautionary tale for renters in Manila, particularly foreign visitors who use the services of private rental agents.

My Experience

I recently rented apartment number 1839 in Tower 4 of Grace Residences, Taguig, Manila for a period of 5 months ending on 12 April 2024. The rental agreement was signed with the owner, Ms. Florence Julian Krause, and a private rental agent, Mr. Nivram Bautista. Upon move-out, I was entitled to the return of my security deposit.

Unfortunately, despite following proper procedures and having a confirmed agreement with Ms. Krause and the rental agent, Mr. Bautista to return the deposit, I have not received the funds as at the time of writing this article (27 May 2024).


Repeated Efforts Unsuccessful

Following multiple messages to the agent, my attempts to recover my deposit have been unsuccessful.

I have asked the rental agents for the direct contact details of Ms. Krause but they have not given me her email address or phone number.

While the administration office at Grace Residences did intervene and secure a verbal agreement from Ms. Krause on 7 May 2024, the promised return of the deposit has not materialized.

Follow up messages to the rental agent Nivram Bautista on 21 May have been completely ignored.

A Wider Issue

This experience raises concerns about the practices of the aforementioned rental agent, Nivram Bautista, and his colleague, Lumar Tipudan. These individuals continue to advertise rental properties and staycation units on their personal Facebook profiles.

Recommendations for Renters:

Given this experience, I strongly advise foreign visitors to Taguig, Manila to exercise caution, especially when dealing with:

  • Apartment owner: Ms. Florence Julian Krause – PCN 3059-0792-4028-6097 / D.O.B: 09/27/1981
  • Rental agent: Mr. Nivram Bautista AKA Marvin Molina Bautista / D.O.B: 08/28/1990 – Driving Licence No. N02-20-005732
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It’s crucial to conduct thorough research, document everything during the rental process, and understand your rights as a tenant in Manila.

Taking Action

I plan to contact the Facebook groups where these agents continue to advertise their rental services to inform them about my unresolved deposit issue. My opinion is that these individuals should be banned from using the Facebook platform if they are unable to return the deposits of renters.

Additionally, I will be looking for larger media publications in the Philippines that would like to cover my story. This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable and other travelers need to be aware of the risks associated with renting properties in the Philippines.

I will also consider pursuing legal action and contacting the Philippine tax authorities to audit the business practices of these individuals.


This article details my personal experience and is not intended to be a definitive judgment on Ms. Krause, Mr. Bautista, or Mr. Tipudan. However, it serves as a cautionary tale for potential renters in the Philippines.

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