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What color tie to wear for an interview

What Color Tie To Wear for an Interview? The Top 8 Colors Today!

What colors you wear for an interview says much about your personality, identity, and self-image. If you’re wondering what color tie to wear for an interview, you may be surprised at our findings!

What color tie to wear for an interview

According to a survey of 2,099 hiring managers & and human resource workers, blue and black are the best colors to wear in an interview, with orange being the worst choice.

Colors, such as black, blue, and brown, are the best colors for first-time meetings and business settings, such as an interview for a new job. When it comes to color, it has been shown to affect interviewers in the first 5 seconds of your meeting.

Which color tie to wear for an interview

With ties, wearing a red one can make you seem assertive, possess good leadership skills, and maybe even be a little arrogant! Opt for a tie in yellow or orange, and you may come off as “eccentric” or even a little “out there,” but you probably won’t be considered for any positions outside the entertainment industry!

In some industries, a red tie can be a real asset. A red tie projects confidence and maturity, which can be a huge plus for companies involved in sales or marketing. However, regular office jobs such as accountancy and the legal profession usually aren’t too keen on applicants turning up wearing red ties!

Color tie interview

The tie should be a more conventional and safe color for more traditional jobs, such as blue, grey, or brown. These colors indicate to the interviewer that you are stable, sensible, and hard-working.

Of course, the color of your tie alone won’t land you the best job in the universe. Being dressed appropriately in a nice suit, clean shoes, and a carefully chosen tie makes a great first impression and shows your interviewer that you can be trusted to represent their company.

You shouldn’t need to be told that dark suits (blue or black) and a classic, well-fitted white shirt are “must-haves,” but your tie should be chosen with much more thought. The color of this clothing accessory can dramatically alter an interviewer’s view of your suitability for the job!

A beautiful tie is a vital part of any gentleman’s interview preparation. For those guys still undecided on what color tie to wear to an interview, we have found the best colors and ties for your upcoming interview. There are also summaries of how choosing the right color tie will help you land that job!

Best color tie for an interview and tie color meanings


Blue is a great color tie for an interview because it projects persistence and calmness.

By wearing a new blue tie, you will tell your prospective employer that you are a hard worker who can be relied upon in high-pressure situations. However, blue is not a good choice if you are applying for sales or upper management jobs.

Blue ties are “understated,” which is preferable for most kinds of interviews so as not to draw too much attention to your outfit. Keep it basic and neutral with a dark suit and a blue tie. And darker blues are better than lighter ones.


Another trendy color of tie to wear to interviews is red. This color should ONLY be chosen for candidates who wish to “come off” as powerful and assertive.

So unless you are going for jobs in Finance, Sales, or even the Presidency of the United States, you should avoid this “power color.” Sticking to friendlier and duller colors that appear less aggressive to your interviewer is much better.


A yellow tie is risky. While this color symbolizes radiance and creativity, it is only suitable for folks who want to project a joyful and extroverted personality.

A yellow tie for an interview is only a good choice if you want to be remembered. Yellow is only worth considering for jobs in the Arts and media-related jobs.


Black clothing is a “go-to” color in most guys’ outfits, but it’s not the best color for a tie in an interview.

Although black ties can be very chic, they are better kept for weddings and funerals and are not recommended when trying to land your perfect job.

However, if you are applying to be the next “007” or want to join the “Men in Black,” don’t let us stop you from adorning a trendy black neck accessory!


Pinstripes convey self-confidence and a strong sense of character. A pinstripe tie is as “classic” as the pocket square and has never gone out of fashion.

These kinds of patterned ties are best for men looking for positions of authority and jobs related to money and finance.

Whether a pinstriped tie is a good idea depends on your shirt and suit jacket selection. Avoiding a checked or pinstriped shirt and sticking with a light, plain color is better.

It’s also better not to mix a pinstripe tie with a pinstripe suit unless the suit stripes are much thinner than those of the tie. Better to choose a solid-colored suit jacket if you go for a pinstriped tie.


ir?t=every00c 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B01CRBRKZMBrown is not our favorite color for a tie, but it does give the impression that you are dependable, reliable, and flexible.

It can also be seen as outdated, but interviewers still regard it as a friendly and sociable color that often works well for more industrial-type job interviews.


One to avoid, a green tie is not a good choice for your interview (unless it’s a very light pastel shade).

Green is regarded by many as a sign of untrustworthiness and deceit. It also has a reputation for being a sign of an unprofessional job candidate.


Earthy colors are not a wrong choice if you don’t like the other options. More natural colors do a great job of making the rest of your outfit really “pop!” without distracting your interviewer.

Even so, earthy, sandy tones are much riskier than a much safer blue-colored tie.

A few words from an expert

Ludwig Lowenstein (world-renowned psychologist) says, “When one considers the nature of the person wearing a particular color of a tie, one must also consider other aspects of the personality such as whether the person dresses to impress, wants to attract or control or looks superior.

Colors have been used throughout history to denote power, fear, and anxiety and to have many other symbolic characteristics. Many people are impressed by the color and how and when it is worn. Be careful, as you may be judged on what you wear rather than who you are”.

What color tie should I wear to an interview?

If you’re sitting there wondering if the color of your tie makes a difference, it does. Your tie can reflect your personality. This can have a positive or negative for your prospective employer.

Conservative colors are our choice. You may have noticed that most department stores favor these colors.

We also recommend a solid color. If you must have a patterned tie, keep it a simple one.


Gentlemen should stick to a dark blue, black, or dark grey suit that has been dry-cleaned and pressed. A shirt is more of a personal choice, but it’s better to keep it simple. You can’t go far wrong with a new well-ironed, white shirt. You can also consider lightly colored shirts if you want to stand out.

Your tie should be subtle and not too shiny. Again, keep it simple with a single color such as blue or brown to show your interviewer that you really “mean business!” and are a capable, professional, and confident candidate.

And on a final note, if you were wondering if a bow tie is an option for your interview, the answer is yes, but only if you are looking for a job presenting a game show or driving a funny car in the circus!

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