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Best Travel Running Shoes for Women

Best Travel Running Shoes for Women of 2024 (So Far)

Are you looking for the best travel running shoes for women? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of top-notch sneakers perfect for your active adventures.

Whether exploring new cities or hitting the trails, these shoes provide comfort, support, and style.

With their lightweight and packable design, they won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

So lace up and prepare to conquer your next workout while on the go!

Best Travel Running Shoes for Women

Things to Look For in Travel Running or Exercise Sneakers

When it comes to finding the best travel running shoes for women, there are a few key points to consider.

First, look for sneakers that are travel friendly, meaning they are lightweight and easy to pack.

Secondly, focus on finding a pair that offers the right size and fit for your feet, ensuring maximum comfort during long walks or runs.

Lastly, prioritize durability, as you want shoes that can withstand different terrains and weather conditions without wearing out quickly.

Travel Friendly

If you’re looking for travel-friendly running shoes, don’t forget to consider their weight and ease of packing. Being lightweight is vital when it comes to choosing shoes to take on your travels. You want a pair that won’t weigh down your luggage or take up too much space.

Look for shoes that are packable and can easily fit into your suitcase or backpack. In addition to being lightweight, make sure they offer ample cushioning for comfort and support during your runs or workouts. It’s also important that they are durable so they can withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Breathable materials will help keep your feet cool and dry, while flexibility ensures ease of movement. Keep these factors in mind when selecting your perfect running shoes.


The weight of the shoes is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the most suitable pair for travel. When it comes to finding the best travel-friendly running shoes, lightweight options are your go-to. Look for packable running shoes that won’t weigh you down during your adventures.

Opt for super lightweight sneakers that won’t take up much space in your luggage. It’s important to find shoes that are durable enough to withstand different terrains and activities while on the road. Luckily, plenty of options are designed specifically for women, offering both style and functionality.

Consider minimalist running shoes, which prioritize lightweight construction without compromising support or cushioning. Your feet will thank you for choosing a pair that feels like they’re barely there!

Size and Fit

Finding a pair of lightweight and comfortable shoes that fit well is essential for a hassle-free travel experience. You want to ensure your feet have enough room in the shoe without feeling too loose or tight.

Look for shoes with a midsole that provides ample cushioning and support, especially if you plan on doing trail running or intense workouts during your trip.

Opt for shoes made with foam or mesh materials, as they offer breathability and flexibility.

The best shoes for travel should feel like an extension of your feet, allowing you to walk comfortably for miles without discomfort or blisters.


Packability is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing sneakers for travel. When you’re on the go, having packable running shoes can make all the difference.

The shoes on our list are designed to be compact and easy to fold, so they won’t take up much space in your luggage. The best options are packable and provide excellent foot comfort and support.


Durability is vital. You want a pair that can withstand the rigors of your adventures while keeping your feet comfortable and supported.

Look for lightweight options that are flexible and breathable, allowing your feet to stay cool even during intense workouts or long walks. A durable shoe should also provide excellent traction on various surfaces, ensuring you stay steady on your feet no matter where you go.

Consider choosing shoes with a mesh upper, as this material enhances breathability and adds an extra layer of durability.

With these features in mind, you can find the perfect pair of running shoes that will keep up with you every step of the way.


Cushioning is essential as it helps absorb impact and comfort your feet. When looking for the best running shoes for travel, you want to find lightweight, flexible options that won’t weigh you down.

The lightest running shoes are often designed with cushioning in mind, allowing you to stay comfortable even during long days of exploring. If you prefer a more natural feel, consider a barefoot shoe that offers minimal padding but still protects your feet from rough terrain.

Additionally, choosing shoes specifically designed for women is essential, as they provide the right fit and support for female runners. Look for breathable shoes to ensure maximum comfort on your journeys.


For optimal traction and durability, make sure the outsole of your shoes has a grippy rubber material that can handle various terrains. The right outsole can make all the difference in preventing blisters and providing stability on different surfaces. Look for trail running shoes with rugged outsoles explicitly designed for off-road adventures.

New Balance offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a hiking shoe or a pair of running shoes, their collection has got you covered.

If you’re looking for the lightest and most packable option, consider a training shoe with a flexible yet durable outsole that will keep you comfortable during long walks or runs while not occupying too much space in your luggage.


To ensure optimal comfort and support, make sure the midsole of your shoes is made with cushioning materials that absorb impact during your runs or walks.

Nike offers a wide range of options perfect for your next adventure. With their innovative designs and advanced technology, Nike running shoes are known for their superior quality and performance.

Whether exploring new cities or hitting the trails, having a reliable pair of sneakers is essential. Nike’s running sneakers are stylish and provide excellent support for long hours on your feet.

These go-to shoes will keep you comfortable throughout your journey, making them the best choice for travel. So don’t wait any longer – grab a pair of Nike running shoes with a well-cushioned midsole and experience the ultimate comfort on your next trip!

What Are the Best Packable Running Shoes?

Look no further than the Saucony Kinvara 13, Brooks Ghost 15 Neutral, Adidas Ultraboost 22, Mizuno Wave Rider 25, and Brooks Hyperion Max Sneaker.

These sneakers are lightweight, flexible, and designed to provide optimal comfort and support during running or working out. Whether you are a casual jogger or a seasoned athlete, any of these packable running shoes will be your perfect travel companion.

Saucony Kinvara 13

If you’re searching for a lightweight and breathable running shoe, the Saucony Kinvara 13 is worth considering. These shoes are built for speed, with a beveled midsole and new midfoot contouring that provide a smoother and faster ride. The re-imagined lightweight upper features single-layer mesh, ensuring excellent breathability for your feet. Weighing only 7.2 ounces, they are the lightest Kinvara ever.

The Saucony Kinvara 13 have received positive reviews for their flexibility and reflectivity. Users have praised their comfort, lightweight feel, and airy design. Some customers recommend sizing up if you have a narrow toe box.

Saucony Women’s Kinvara 13 Sneaker, Blue Raz/Zest, 10
  • The Kinvara 13 was literally designed for speed. Its beveled midsole and new midfoot contouring…
  • Its re-imagined upper is made with a single-layer mesh, giving you a lightweight feeling and even…
  • We created the lightest Kinvara ever to help you truly take off. It’s 7.2 ounces of pure speed.

Product Specs:

  • Fabric
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Comfortable and airy
  • Good fit around the heel and arch


  • Narrow toe box may cause discomfort

Brooks Ghost 15 Neutral

When you try the Brooks Ghost 15 Neutral, you’ll experience the soft and lighter-weight DNA LOFT V2 cushioning for your runs. The engineered air mesh upper with 3D Fit Print ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the segmented Crash Pad absorbs shock to protect your feet from impact.

Whether you’re hitting the road, cross-training, or working out at the gym, these shoes are designed to provide neutral support and keep you feeling light on your feet. With its versatile design and superior quality, the Brooks Ghost 15 is an excellent choice for women who want a reliable, comfortable running shoe.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoe – Peacoat/Pearl/Salt Air – 5 Medium
  • THIS WOMEN’S SHOE IS FOR: Runners looking for a smooth ride that won’t distract from the fun of…
  • SUPPORT AND CUSHION: The Ghost 15 offers neutral support while providing high energizing cushioning….
  • BALANCED, SOFT CUSHIONING: New midsole features soft and lighter-weight DNA LOFT V2 cushioning to…

Product Specs:

  • Fabric-and-synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance


  • Soft and lighter-weight DNA LOFT V2 cushioning
  • Engineered air mesh upper with 3D Fit Print
  • Segmented Crash Pad for shock absorption


  • Some users found them to be slightly narrow

Adidas Ultraboost 22

You’ll love the comfortable and responsive feel of the adidas Ultraboost 22 with its innovative BOOST technology and flexible upper. These women’s high-performance running shoes provide a smooth and relaxed ride, allowing you to keep your feet moving without any restrictions.

The soft textile upper is stretchy and supportive, ensuring a snug fit and breathability. With the incredible energy return of Adidas BOOST, you’ll experience an extra spring in your step that propels you forward during your runs. The rubber outsole delivers excellent traction, giving you confidence on various surfaces.

Plus, the Ultraboost 22 are made with Parley Ocean Plastic, making them an environmentally conscious choice.

adidas Women’s Ultraboost 22 Running Shoe, Wonder Mauve/Wonder Mauve/Magic Mauve, 8
  • Women’s high-performance running shoes with a smooth, flexible ride
  • FLEXIBLE UPPER: Soft textile upper is stretchy and supportive
  • CAN’T STOP. WON’T STOP: The incredible energy return of adidas BOOST is created by fusing together…

Product Specs:

  • Rubber sole
  • Soft textile upper
  • BOOST technology for energy return
  • Made with Parley Ocean Plastic


  • Comfortable and responsive feel
  • Flexible upper for a snug fit
  • Excellent traction on different surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly materials


  • Some issues with durability reported by customers
  • Discoloration may occur over time

Mizuno Wave Rider 25

With their enhanced breathability, the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 provide a smoother and more comfortable ride for your runs. The engineered mesh upper allows optimal airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your workout. The addition of MIZUNO ENERZY foam in the midsole provides excellent cushioning and responsiveness, giving you a springy feel with every stride.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 25 are not only comfortable but also very hardwearing. The X10 outsole is made of carbon rubber, ensuring traction and extended wear on various surfaces. The proprietary midsole with ENERZY and U4ic foams offers great shock absorption to protect your joints during high-impact activities.

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 are reliable running shoes that deliver comfort, breathability, and durability. Whether you’re training for a marathon or going for a casual jog, these shoes will provide the support you need.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 25 | neutral Support Running Shoe |Eco Friendly Materials | Blackened…
  • High mileage running shoe built for runners with a neutral gait looking for comfort and durability
  • Engineered Mesh Upper: Ultra lightweight fabric provides unmatched breathability and flexibility for…
  • Our proprietary midsole uses a combination of ENERZY and U4ic foams to provide exceptional balance…

Product Specs:

  • Synthetic material
  • Rubber sole
  • Proprietary midsole with ENERZY and U4ic foams
  • MIZUNO WAVE plate
  • X10 Outsole


  • Enhanced breathability
  • Extra cushioning with MIZUNO ENERZY foam
  • Durable construction


  • Some users find the toe box to be small

Brooks Hyperion Max Sneaker

The Brooks Hyperion Max sneakers provide neutral support for speed training and race preparation. They feature soft cushioning with lightweight DNA FLASH technology. These sneakers are perfect for runners looking to train at their fastest and get ready for race day.

The stretch woven upper and 3D Fit Print ensure a secure fit, while the substantial midsole foam absorbs impact to protect your feet.

Brooks Women’s Hyperion Max Neutral Running Shoe – Blue Surf/Cherry/Nightlife – 8.5 Medium
  • THIS WOMEN’S SHOE IS FOR: The Hyperion Max provides neutral support for runners who want to train…
  • SOFT CUSHIONING: The midsole is configured with nitrogen-infused, lightweight DNA FLASH cushioning…
  • SECURE FIT: The stretch woven upper and 3D Fit Print provide extra structure to hold your foot in…

Product Specs:

  • Made of 100% Synthetic material
  • Manufactured in the USA or Imported
  • Features a rubber sole


  • Super comfortable and fun to run in
  • Lightweight option for short-distance running
  • Good customer service experience


  • Not suitable for walking
  • Limited use for long-distance running
  • May not be suitable for all foot types

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 V12

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 are highly recommended for individuals with plantar fasciitis. Physicians and nurses have praised these shoes as an excellent option for those with this condition. They are well-made and high-quality, providing the necessary support and cushioning to reduce pain and discomfort.

The generous toe box and comfortable width ensure a snug fit without causing any tightness or discomfort in the lower hamstrings and calves.

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 Running Shoe, Vibrant Apricot/Vibrant Pink/Night Sky, 9
  • This model runs large, compared to previous versions. You may consider ordering down from your…
  • Fresh Foam X cushioning delivers our most cushioned Fresh Foam experience for incredible comfort
  • Hypoknit upper designed to provide strategic areas of stretch and support

Product Specs:

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Runs large compared to previous versions
  • Fresh Foam X cushioning for comfort
  • Hypoknit upper for stretch and support
  • Bootie upper construction for a snug fit


  • Provides support for plantar fasciitis
  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Recommended by physicians and nurses
  • Generous toe box and comfortable width


  • May cause overpronation for some individuals

ASICS Noosa Tri 13

The ASICS Noosa Tri 13 are popular among customers due to their comfortable cushioning and supportive features. When it comes to running shoes for women, they are a top contender.

The FLYTEFOAM cushioning provides excellent shock absorption, allowing you to run comfortably for longer distances. The full-length Pebax Spike Plate enhances stability and helps you maintain a steady stride. With the GUIDESOLE Technology, these shoes promote an efficient running gait by reducing ankle flexion and providing a smoother toe-off.

The engineered mesh upper improves breathability, keeping your feet cool during your workouts. And with the AHAR Plus Outsole, you can expect durability and traction on a variety of surfaces.

ASICS Women’s NOOSA TRI 13 Running Shoes, 11, BLACK/PEARL PINK
  • FLYTEFOAM cushioning:
  • Full Length Pebax Spike Plate: Maximizes performance by enhancing natural foot movement through…
  • GUIDESOLE Technology: The curved sole design and stiff forefoot of our GUIDESOLE technology reduce…

Product Specs:

  • Synthetic-and-mesh construction
  • Rubber sole
  • FLYTEFOAM cushioning
  • Full-Length Pebax Spike Plate
  • GUIDESOLE Technology
  • AHAR Plus Outsole


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Supportive features
  • Breathable upper material
  • Durable outsole


  • May have a slightly narrow toe box for some individuals

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

If you’re looking for a lightweight and responsive shoe, Saucony’s Endorphin Speed 2 are worth considering. With their SPEEDROLL Technology, these shoes provide effortless forward propulsion, making them perfect for speed workouts and races.

The Ultralight and springy PWRRUN PB cushioning offers excellent support and comfort for your joints. The flexible nylon plate adds to the speed and performance of the shoe. The fine-tuned heel shape and slip laces ensure a locked-in feeling during your runs. Plus, the shoes are vegan-friendly and made with recycled upper materials.

Saucony Women’s Endorphin Speed 2 Running Shoe, White/Black/Vizi, 9
  • SPEEDROLL Technology propels you forward effortlessly, so you can run faster, not harder.
  • Ultralight and springy PWRRUN PB cushioning and a flexible nylon plate gives you an edge for both…
  • Fine-tuned heel shape and updated slip-free laces for a locked-in feeling, mile after mile.

Product Specs:

  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • SPEEDROLL Technology for effortless forward propulsion
  • Ultralight and springy PWRRUN PB cushioning
  • Flexible nylon plate for speed workouts and races
  • Fine-tuned heel shape and slip laces for a locked-in feeling
  • Vegan-friendly with recycled upper materials


  • Lightweight design
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Excellent support for speed workouts and races


  • A narrow fit may not be suitable for wide feet

ASICS Gel-Contend 7

You’ll find that the Gel-Contend 7 offer excellent shock absorption and improved airflow with their GEL Technology. The GEL Technology provides exceptional cushioning, making these shoes perfect for long walks or runs during your travels.

The engineered mesh upper allows for better breathability, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable even in hot weather. Additionally, the Ortholite sockliner manages moisture effectively, keeping your feet dry throughout your adventures.

  • GEL Technology: Cushioning provides excellent shock absorption
  • Engineered mesh upper improves airflow:
  • Ortholite Sockliner: Moisture management (Ortholite is a registered trademark of O2 Partners LLC).

Product Specs:

  • Synthetic-and-mesh material
  • Imported
  • GEL Technology for shock absorption
  • Ortholite sockliner for moisture management


  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Improved airflow for comfort
  • Moisture management keeps feet dry


  • Some customers experienced discomfort in the toes
  • Sizing may run small and narrow

Further Reading

So there you have it – the best travel running shoes for women! And if you need to find a pair for your male partner, please check out our article that features the best travel running shoes for men.

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