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Best Backpacks for Traveling Asia

We’ve Found The 12 Best Backpacks for Traveling Around Asia!

On the hunt for the best backpacks for traveling around Asia? Lucky you! Asia is one of the most fascinating continents on the planet.

My name is Matt, and I have been traveling the world since 1999. I have been through many backpacks over the years and love to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of globetrotters.

At Everyday Ape, we’ve researched and handpicked the best backpacks that offer durability, comfort, and intelligent organization. We’ve selected the very best backpacks, from the carry-on size Osprey Farpoint to the larger Osprey Atmos AG50.

Say goodbye to bulky luggage and hello to freedom with the perfect backpack by your side.

Best Backpacks for Traveling Around Asia - Man on a mountain

Key Takeaways

  • Osprey Farpoint & Fairview, Nomatic 40L, Cotopaxi Allpa 42L, and Osprey Porter are the best travel backpacks for traveling Asia.
  • We’ve grouped our favorite backpacks by size. The first list looks at carry-on compliant models, while the second section looks at larger backpacks that must be checked in for your flight.
  • All the models on our list feature a lightweight design, comfortable harness, thoughtful organization, and durable materials.
  • Consideration of travel needs, size, layout, weight, and structure are important factors when choosing a travel backpack for Asia.
Man with travel backpack in Asia

Choosing the Best Travel Backpack for Traveling in Asia

When choosing the right backpack for your trip, several important factors must be considered.

First, you’ll want to think about the size and layout of the backpack, ensuring it has enough space and compartments to accommodate your belongings.

Additionally, the backpack’s weight is crucial, as you’ll want to avoid unnecessary strain on your shoulders and back.

Size and Layout

To find the best travel backpack for your trip to Asia, consider the size and layout that will suit your needs. When backpacking through Asia, having the right backpack size is crucial.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best backpack:

  • Ample Storage: Opt for a larger backpack that can accommodate all your travel essentials and souvenirs.
  • Organizational Compartments: Look for a backpack with multiple compartments to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.
  • Comfortable Fit: Choose a travel backpack with adjustable straps and padding for a comfortable fit during long hikes and walks.
  • Durable Construction: Ensure the backpack is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of backpacking.

By selecting a backpack with the right size and layout, you can enjoy the freedom to explore the Asian continent and beyond without any worries about carrying your belongings.

With so many backpacks on the market, you will surely find the perfect one for your travel adventures.


For a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience, you should prioritize weight and choose a travel backpack that’s lightweight yet durable.

When exploring Asia’s vibrant and diverse landscapes, you’ll want a backpack that won’t weigh you down. The Osprey Farpoint (for men) and Fairview (for women) are excellent options. These hiking-style backpacks feature a suitcase-style opening and a lightweight design, making them ideal for long journeys.

The Cotopaxi Allpa L Travel Pack and Nomatic 40L are also worth considering. These backpacks offer durability and comfort, with the bonus of intelligent organization.


If you’re looking for the best travel backpack, consider the price an important factor in your decision-making process. While splurging on a high-end backpack is tempting, plenty of affordable options offer incredible value.

Here are some considerations when choosing the best travel backpack:

  • Explore budget-friendly models: By selecting a reasonably priced hiking backpack, you’ll have more money to spend on other essential items for your next adventure.
  • Exploring backpack brands: Opting for a backpack at a lower price point allows you to try out different brands and discover hidden gems that suit your needs.
  • Popular travel backpacks: Don’t be swayed by the hype surrounding expensive packs. There are affordable options that are just as popular and reliable for your backpacking journey.

You might also like to read another of our articles about why backpacks are so expensive.


When selecting the best travel backpack, you should always consider the durability and quality of the materials used. After all, you want a backpack that can withstand the adventures and challenges of your travel style.

Look for a backpack made from high-quality fabrics such as nylon or polyester, as these materials are known for their strength and resistance to wear and tear.

Additionally, check if the backpack has reinforced stitching and sturdy zippers, as these are crucial for the longevity of your new backpack.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the backpack straps as well. Look for padded and adjustable straps that provide comfort and support in carrying your backpack for long periods.

Weather Resistance

To ensure your belongings stay dry in unpredictable weather conditions, look for a travel backpack that’s both water-resistant and durable. When choosing a backpack for traveling to Asia, weather resistance is crucial to keep your gear safe and dry.

Here are four reasons why weather resistance should be a top priority:

  • Peace of Mind: With a weather-resistant backpack, you can explore diverse landscapes without worrying about sudden rain showers or unexpected humidity.
  • Freedom to Roam: A waterproof backpack gives you the freedom to venture off the beaten path, knowing that your belongings are protected from moisture and other weather elements.
  • Durability for Adventure: Whether hiking through lush rainforests or navigating bustling city streets, a weather-resistant backpack ensures that your gear can withstand the rigors of your Asian adventure.
  • Versatility in Any Climate: Asia’s climate can vary greatly, from hot and humid to cold and rainy. A weather-resistant backpack allows you to seamlessly transition between different weather conditions, providing the flexibility you need for your travels.

Choose a backpack with superior weather resistance, allowing you to embrace the freedom and excitement of exploring Asia without worrying about the weather.

Best Carry-on Backpacks for Traveling Asia

Are you looking for the best carry-on travel backpacks for your trip to Asia? Consider the Osprey Farpoint 40L, NOMATIC 40L, Cotopaxi Allpa 35L, Peak Design Travel Line 45L, Thule Subterra 34L, and Osprey Fairview 40L (designed for women).

These backpacks offer the perfect balance between size, functionality, and comfort, making them ideal for navigating crowded cities, exploring remote areas, and quickly hopping on and off transportation.

Osprey Farpoint 40L

The Osprey Farpoint 40L is the perfect carry-on backpack for your travels in Asia. With its spacious main compartment and comfortable weight distribution, you’ll be free to explore Asia’s vibrant streets and bustling markets without feeling weighed down.

The adjustable torso fit ensures a customized and comfortable fit, while the padded shoulder straps and hip belt provide added support. The backpack’s compact design meets carry-on standards, making it convenient for travel. The well-padded laptop and tablet sleeves keep your electronics safe and secure.

However, it’s worth noting that the backpack lacks exterior storage options and a dedicated water bottle holder.


  • Adjustable torso fit
  • Comfortable weight distribution
  • Well-padded laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Compact design meets carry-on standards


  • Not so many exterior storage options
  • Lack of a dedicated water bottle holder
Osprey Farpoint 40L Men’s Travel Backpack, Black
  • Adjustable torso fit
  • External Gear Attachment loops
  • Padded top and side handles


You’ll love the NOMATIC 40L for your travels, as it offers functionality and convenience. With its 20+ innovative features, this versatile duffel/backpack is designed to make your journey hassle-free. The bag’s TSA-ready laptop sleeve ensures smooth airport security checks, while its spacious compartments allow you to stay organized.

The NOMATIC 40L is also built to withstand rough travel, ensuring durability throughout your adventures. Its stylish design adds a touch of sophistication to your travel gear, making you stand out wherever you go.


  • Large capacity and easy to pack
  • Well-organized with pockets for gadgets
  • It is durable and fits under most airplane seats


  • Bulky and feels heavy when fully packed
  • Gets fingerprints easily
NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag- Convertible Duffel/Backpack, Carry-on Size for Airplane Travel, Everyday Use…
  • TSA Ready Travel Laptop Backpack: This TSA compliant bag serves as a carry on backpack with its…
  • Travel Smart: With 20+ innovative features, find your things easily with pockets designed…
  • Versatile Everyday Bag: In need of a stylish business backpack, a functional backpack, or a…

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L

Pack all your essentials for your trip to Asia with the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L. This versatile and durable backpack is perfect for those who desire freedom and convenience while exploring new destinations.

With its 35L capacity, you can easily fit all your clothes, toiletries, and even a pair of shoes. The large zippered mesh compartment on the right side and the subdivided zippered mesh compartment on the left side ensure you can keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. The padded laptop and tablet sleeve provide added protection for your electronic devices.

The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L isn’t only practical but also stylish, making you stand out while on your adventures.


  • Comfortable and adjustable harness system
  • Plenty of storage space and compartments
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • Convenient and easy access to belongings
  • Stylish and eye-catching design


  • Difficulty remembering which pocket each zipper opens
  • Potential for scratches from overhead bin storage
  • Concerns about the durability of latches on straps
Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack – Black+ New Waist Belt!
  • Weight-distributing, low-profile harness system.
  • Carry-on-compatible 35L capacity. TPU-coated 1000D polyester. 840D ballistic nylon paneling.
  • Suitcase-style, full-wrap zipper opening on the main compartment. Large zippered mesh compartment on…

Peak Design Travel Line 45L

Carry all your essentials comfortably with the versatile and durable Peak Design Travel Line 45L backpack. This backpack is designed to meet international carry-on standards, giving you the freedom to move around without worrying about checking in your luggage. With its modular bag system, you can customize the bag to fit your needs, whether carrying camera equipment, tech gadgets, or clothing.

The dual expansion zips provide extra volume, while the dual side zippers allow instant access to your belongings. The quick tablet and laptop access ensures you can easily retrieve your devices during your journey. The backpack is also compatible with various packing tools, camera cubes, tech pouches, and wash kits, making it a versatile choice for different types of travelers.


  • Carry-on compliant
  • Expandable storage
  • Multiple pockets for organization
  • Robust straps for comfortable carrying
  • Comfortable back support
  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Waterproof design
  • Sleek and stylish


  • Uncomfortable chest and waist straps
  • Lack of interior straps for compacting clothes
  • The bag itself is slightly heavy
Peak Design Travel Line Backpack 45L (Sage) (Expandable 30-35-45L)
  • Modular Bag System by Peak Design, customise the internal carry options to match your requirements
  • Meets international max carry-on standards in default 35L configuration. Dual expansion zips give…
  • Dual side zippers for instant camera and item access. Full rear access via large dual zips.

Osprey Fairview 40L (Designed for Women)

Don’t forget to consider the Osprey Fairview 40L backpack when searching for the best carry-on option. This backpack is specifically designed for women, providing a comfortable and efficient way to carry all your essentials.

With its spacious main compartment, lockable sliders, and multiple pockets, you’ll have plenty of room to organize your belongings and keep them secure during your adventures. The Osprey Fairview 40L also has a removable daypack, making it even more convenient for day trips and excursions. Its adjustable shoulder straps and sternum strap ensure a customized fit, allowing you to move freely and comfortably.


  • Designed specifically for women
  • Spacious main compartment with lockable sliders
  • Removable daypack for added convenience
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and sternum strap for a customized fit


  • Not suitable for taller women (consider the Farpoint model)
  • Some users may find it heavy when fully packed
  • Limited color options are available
Osprey Fairview 40L Women’s Travel Backpack, Winter Night Blue
  • Adjustable torso fit
  • Large panel zip access to main compartment
  • Dual front compression straps

Thule Subterra 34L

You’ll love the Thule Subterra 34L backpack as your go-to carry-on option for your travels. This backpack offers you the freedom to explore with its practical features and ample storage space.

With the Thule Subterra 34L, you can easily manage your cords and charge your devices on the go. Its wide roll-top opening with a magnetic closure allows easy access to your belongings, while the removable packing cube keeps your clothes organized.

The padded laptop sleeve with safe edge construction ensures the protection of your laptop, and you can access it through the top-loading compartment or the side zipper.


  • Neatly manages cords and keeps devices charged
  • Easy access to contents with wide roll top opening
  • Removable packing cube for organized packing
  • Padded laptop sleeve with safe edge construction
  • Multiple access points for laptop


  • Zipper durability issues reported by some customers
Thule Subterra Backpack 34L
  • Cords are neatly managed between your device and your mobile charger in the internal power pocket
  • Easy access to contents through wide roll top opening with magnetic closure
  • Keep clothes organized while traveling thanks to removable packing cube

Best Full-size Travel Backpacks for Traveling Asia

Looking for a full-size backpack for your trip? Look no further!

Some of the best options include the Osprey Atmos AG 65L, Osprey Porter 65L, Osprey Ariel 65L (for women), Osprey Aether Plus 70L, Deuter Aircontact Core 65+10, and Osprey Renn 65L (also for women).

These backpacks offer ample storage space, comfortable carrying systems, and durable construction, making them ideal for your adventures in Asia.

Osprey Atmos AG 65L

The Osprey Atmos AG 65L is the ideal full-size travel backpack for your hiking adventures. With its lightweight design and comfortable anti-gravity suspension system, this backpack allows you to explore without feeling weighed down.

The curved zip access and floating top lid provide easy access to your belongings, while the included rain cover ensures your gear stays dry during unexpected showers. The Osprey Atmos AG 65L also features a reinforced shove-it pocket and an internal hydration sleeve, making it perfect for short and longer expeditions.

Whether trekking through the mountains or navigating bustling city streets, this backpack will keep you organized and comfortable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable AntiGravity suspension system
  • Curved zip access and floating top lid for easy access
  • Included rain cover for protection against the elements


  • Bright green rain cover may not be aesthetically pleasing to some users
Osprey Atmos AG 65L Men’s Backpacking Backpack, Venturi Blue, L/XL
  • Included raincover made with PFAS-free DWR and bluesign approved materials
  • Curved zip access on one side of panel
  • Floating top lid with lash points

Osprey Porter 65L

Pack all your essentials and hit the road with the Osprey Porter 65L, the ultimate full-size travel backpack. With its large storage capacity and convenient organization, this backpack allows you the freedom to explore without worrying about leaving anything behind.

The U-zip zip access to the main compartment with lockable zippers ensures the security of your belongings. The padded sidewalls protect your items, while the shoulder straps and hip belt can be tucked away when checked.

The Osprey Porter 65L isn’t only durable and versatile but made with recycled fabrics and sustainable materials so that you can feel good about your purchase.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Convenient organization with on-the-go access
  • Durable and versatile


  • Discomfort caused by the flimsy backplate
  • Size may not be suitable for carry-on
  • Lack of a removable bladder
Osprey Porter 65L Travel Backpack, Haybale Green One Size
  • Zippered top pocket provides easy access to toiletries and liquids
  • U-zip full panel zip access to main compartment
  • StraightJacket compression with padded sidewalls secures any size load effectively

Osprey Ariel 65L (Designed for Women)

You’ll love the Osprey Ariel 65L as your go-to full-size travel backpack for exploring the world. This backpack is designed specifically for women, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit that allows you to move freely and effortlessly. The spacious front zip access makes packing and unpacking your belongings easy, while the separate bottom compartment allows for better organization.

The Osprey Ariel 65L isn’t only durable but comes in an attractive color that adds a touch of style to your adventures. With convenient features like pole stow straps and lower-access water bottle pockets, this backpack is designed to enhance your freedom and convenience while traveling.


  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Spacious front zip access
  • Separate bottom compartment
  • Durable
  • Attractive color
  • Convenient features like pole stow straps and lower-access water bottle pockets


  • Fewer pockets compared to other models
  • No stow-on-the-go pole loops
  • Smaller waist-belt pockets
  • Lack of convenient stow for certain items
Osprey Ariel 65L Women’s Backpacking Backpack, Claret Red, WXS/S
  • Premium efficiency and design
  • Storage tuned to the each season
  • Purpose designed to help mak the most of each exploration

Osprey Aether Plus 70L

When exploring the Asian continent, carry all your essentials comfortably with the Osprey Aether Plus 70L backpack. This backpack allows you to pack everything you need for your adventure without sacrificing comfort. With its large capacity of 70 liters, you can easily fit 3-5 days worth of trekking gear. The adjustable lumbar padding and strap adjustments ensure a customized fit, while the height-adjustable back plate and load-lifter straps help distribute the weight evenly.

The multiple compartments and side mesh pockets allow easy organization and quick access to your belongings. Additionally, the backpack features a removable top lid that can be converted into a day pack, perfect for shorter excursions. The Osprey Aether Plus 70L backpack isn’t only comfortable to wear but also made of strong and durable material, ensuring it will withstand the rigors of your travels.


  • Large capacity suitable for 3-5 days of trekking
  • Included neon-green raincover
  • Adjustable lumbar padding and strap adjustments
  • Height-adjustable back plate and load-lifter straps
  • Multiple compartments and side mesh pockets
  • The trekking pole holder and top portion can be used as a day pack
  • Comfortable and well-ventilated design
  • Strong and durable material


  • Pricey compared to some other brands
  • Complex design with many pockets and straps
  • Empty pack weight may be a concern for those aiming for a lighter pack
Osprey Aether Plus 70L Men’s Backpacking Backpack, Black, L/XL
  • Removable top lid converts to DayLid daypack
  • Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment
  • Dual front panel zippered pockets for easy-access storage

Osprey Renn 65L (Designed for Women)

Don’t miss out on the Osprey Renn 65L backpack designed specifically for women, considered one of the best full-size travel backpacks for exploring any continent.

This backpack is perfect for women who desire the freedom to travel comfortably and efficiently. With its womens-specific sizing and fit, you can experience a pack tailored to your body, providing optimal comfort and support.

The Osprey Renn 65L features a fixed top lid with a zippered pocket, allowing quick and easy access to your essentials. It’s also compatible with the Osprey Daylite, offering additional storage options. The integrated and removable rain cover ensures your belongings stay dry in unpredictable weather.

With superb ventilation, a sleeping bag compartment, and hip belt pockets, this backpack offers convenience and functionality during your travels.


  • Womens-specific sizing and fit
  • Fixed top lid with zippered pocket
  • Osprey Daylite compatible
  • Integrated and removable rain cover
  • Superb ventilation
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Hipbelt pockets


  • Hard and rough shoulder straps
  • Lacks side pockets
  • It may not be suitable for heavy packers
Osprey Renn 65L Women’s Backpacking Backpack, Aurora Purple
  • Women’s-specific sizing and fit
  • Fixed top lid with zippered pocket
  • Osprey Daylite compatible with front panel cord loop attachment points

Deuter Aircontact Core 65+10

Experience the comfort and versatility of the Deuter Aircontact Core 65+10, the best full-size travel backpack for exploring the planet. This backpack is designed for those seeking freedom and adventure on their journey. With a capacity of 65L and an additional 10L expansion pack, it offers ample space for all your travel essentials.

The Aircontact Core back system ensures effective load transfer, keeping the weight close to your body and center of gravity, providing full pack control and outstanding load transfer. The VariSlide adjustable back length and ActiveFit shoulder straps built on a Y-frame offer a secure and perfectly balanced fit, ensuring maximum comfort even during long treks.


  • Ample storage capacity
  • Effective load transfer for better control
  • Adjustable back length for a personalized fit
  • Comfortable and balanced shoulder straps


  • Hand washing only may require additional effort
  • It may be too large for some travelers
  • Limited color options
Deuter Aircontact Core 65+10 – Graphite Shale 75L
  • Adjustable sternum belt, VariSlide System, VariFlex System, Pull-forward hip fins, Walking pole…
  • Inside compartment to keep your valuables safe, Elasticated inner compartment for storing wet/sweaty…
  • Hip fins with two zippered pockets, Goggle holder on shoulder strap, Lumbar pad for effective load…

How to Pack a Backpack for Travel

To make the most of your backpacking experience, start by familiarizing yourself with the proper way to pack your backpack. Here are some tips to help you pack efficiently and enjoy the freedom of traveling with a backpack:

  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space and minimize wrinkles.
  • Use packing cubes or compression sacks to organize your belongings and maximize space.
  • Pack versatile and lightweight clothing that can be layered for different weather conditions.
  • Keep your essentials easily accessible by using the outer pockets of your backpack.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your possessions are packed efficiently and ready for your backpacking adventures.

Embrace the freedom of traveling light and easily explore the diverse landscapes and cultures. Happy travels!

Travel Backpack Sizing Guide

Choose a backpack size between 30L and 70L that suits your individual needs when traveling. Different sizes can work for you depending on your travel style and the duration of your trip. Here’s a table comparing the features of various backpack sizes to help you make the right choice:

Backpack SizeSuitable forBackpack that can handle
30L-35LMinimalist travelersOnly the basics
35L-40LLightweight travelersA few extras
40L-45LRegular travelersMost of what you might need
45L-70L“Take everything” travelersLarger loads

When headed to Asia, a backpack in the 40L-45L range would be a good choice. It allows you to pack the essentials without exceeding carry-on size limits. Consider investing in one of the best travel backpacks of reputable brands that offer durability and comfort, as they are designed to withstand years of travel. Find the perfect travel backpack that suits your needs and desires for freedom.

Essential Items to Pack in Your Travel Backpack

Pack essential items in your travel backpack, and remember to include a first aid kit and extra toiletries. These items can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go and need a quick fix.

But what else should you pack in your backpack to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip? Here are some must-haves:

  • A portable charger: Stay connected and never miss a moment by keeping your devices powered up.
  • A microfiber towel: Lightweight and quick-drying, it’s perfect for those impromptu beach days or hostel showers.
  • A reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste by refilling your bottle wherever you go.
  • A universal adapter: Keep your electronics charged no matter where you are.


What are the best backpacks for traveling Asia?

A: Some of the best carry-on backpacks for travel in Asia include the Osprey Farpoint and Peak Design backpacks. The best full-size backpacks include the Osprey Atmos and the Deuter Aircontact Core.

What makes a backpack the best for travel?

The best travel backpacks are designed with specific features that make them ideal for travel. These features include durability, comfort, ample storage space, organized compartments, a padded laptop sleeve, and a TSA-friendly design. The best travel backpack should also be lightweight and have excellent weight distribution.

What size backpack is best for traveling?

The size of the backpack you choose for traveling depends on your personal preferences and the length of your trip. However, a carry-on travel backpack with a capacity of around 40-45 liters is generally recommended. This size provides enough space for your essentials while still complying with airline carry-on size restrictions.

Can I use a backpack as a carry-on for air travel?

Many travel backpacks are designed to be used as carry-on luggage for air travel. However, checking the airline’s carry-on size restrictions is essential to ensuring your backpack meets the requirements. Generally, carry-on travel backpacks are designed to fit within the specified dimensions and provide easy access to your belongings during the flight.

What should I consider when choosing a travel backpack?

When choosing a travel backpack, you should consider factors such as the duration of your trip, your travel style, the climate of your destination, and the activities you plan to engage in. It’s also essential to consider the backpack’s features, such as size, weight, storage compartments, comfort, and durability.

What is the best backpack for hiking and backpacking in Asia?

For hiking and backpacking in Asia, choosing a backpack specifically designed for outdoor activities is recommended. Some popular hiking backpacks include the Osprey Farpoint 40, Nomatic 40L, and Cotopaxi Allpa 35L.

What are the best travel backpacks of 2024?

While it’s not possible to predict the exact best travel backpacks of 2024, some backpacks that are highly rated and expected to perform well in 2023 include the Osprey Farpoint 40, Peak Design Travel Backpack, Nomatic 40L, and Cotopaxi Allpa 35L.

What should I look for in a travel backpack for long-term travel?

When choosing a travel backpack for long-term travel, it’s crucial to prioritize durability, comfort, and ample storage space. Look for a backpack that can withstand the rigors of frequent travel, has adjustable straps for a customized fit, and offers enough room to carry your essentials for an extended period.

Can I use a laptop backpack for travel?

Yes, a laptop backpack can be an excellent option for travel, especially if you frequently travel with your laptop or other electronic devices. Some backpacks, such as the Peak Design Travel Backpack, are specifically designed to accommodate laptops and provide additional protection for your electronics.

What are the advantages of using one bag for travel?

The advantages of one-bag travel include increased mobility, convenience, and flexibility. With one-bag travel, you can navigate airports and crowded streets more easily and be free to explore your destination without the burden of multiple bags.

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