The best gaming chairs for back pain – Top 4 picks for 2023

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If you are in a mad hurry, the best gaming chairs for back pain are the Corsair T2 Road Warrior, the Respawn 900, and the Blue Whale Big & Tall.

Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain

There were a colossal 2.47 billion video game players around the world in 2019 and this figure is set to top 2.6 billion by the end of 2020. All of those gamers need comfortable and supportive chairs to sit on and that is why we have written about the best gaming chairs for back pain.

Health issues for gamers

Video game players spend an average of 7.1 hours per week playing games with 34 % playing more than this, and 19% playing more than 12 hours a week. This has led to a rise in health issues like wrist, neck, and back pain. This is why the importance of choosing a good gaming chair that supports the body correctly cannot be underestimated.

Gaming chairs that offer good lower back support do exist but they are few and far between. In this list of the best gamers’ chairs to alleviate back pain, we have focused on the models that won’t break the bank and that will allow you to conduct your gaming activities with the greatest neck and back support.

Research carried out by the chair giant Herman Miller found that the optimal distribution of pressure of a chair in the reclined position should be concentrated in the lumbar and thoracic areas. With this being said, chairs that are equipped with adjustable lumbar support are a very good choice for long-lasting comfort and the best way to alleviate back pain.

Back Pain Gamers Chairs

Research also found that high-quality lumbar support pillows can also drastically improve the comfort of chairs for those that suffer from lower back pain so also are a very good option for gamers.

Can gaming chairs help back pain?

If you choose a well-built gaming chair that can help you to keep a good posture, you can certainly help your back.

The chair you choose should adequately support your lower and upper back. In addition, it should also provide support to your head, shoulders, neck, arms, and also your hips. When your head is held in the correct position, most of the strain is removed from the neck area which is vitally important for alleviating back pain.

So without further ado, here is our very carefully compiled list of the best gaming chairs for back pain for 2022.

The Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain in 2022

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

The T2 is our pick for the best gaming chair for back pain. This top-of-the-line chair is a great choice for those that prefer a bit more space, firm cushioning, and a luxury gaming chair appearance.

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CORSAIR CF-9010006 WW T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair Comfort Design, Black

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It’s not cheap but when you consider the materials and the finish, you will have no doubt that this is one of the best gamers chairs on the market today. The chair is made with faux leather which is perforated for maximum breathability. This means that it will keep you cool no matter how hard you play.

Regarding comfort and support for the body, the seat can be angled up to 17° and the extremely supportive backrest can recline up to 170°.

Set up is very easy in just a couple of minutes. We also love the super-comfortable 4D armrests that move in four directions and can even be rotated to find the perfect seating position. The height of the T2 is easily adjustable with a steel gas lifting mechanism on the base. The chair seat can be raised or lowered by an impressive 10cm.

So let’s move on to the health benefits. The enclosed nature of the T2 gives fantastic postural support. You also get removable cushions for the neck and lumbar area. The cushions are covered with a soft microfiber that gives excellent spinal support.

Another feature that we love is the high-grade rollerblade-style wheels which are very durable and allow for ease of movement. They also help avoid damage to your floor when the chair is moved around.

Stability is a major concern for gaming enthusiasts so you will be pleased to hear that the T2 has a robust steel frame that can easily support up to 300lbs of weight.

With a modern, sleek design, the T2 is our top choice not only for pro gamers that need to take care of their body but also for those that work or study at home.

Respawn 900

Like many of the latest gaming chairs, the Respawn 900 looks like it just came out of the latest race-ready Lamborghini. Guaranteed to stand out in any room, the faux carbon fiber fabric with beautiful colored accents makes this one of the most stylish chairs on our list.

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RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner, Reclining Gaming Chair, in Gray

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Because of the different design to most gaming chairs, it is a very straightforward process when it comes to setup. It’s so easy in fact that you won’t even need the instruction manual.

The Respawn 900 is also different in that it is much bulkier than most gamers’ chairs. It has a wheel-free design so doesn’t look out of place in living rooms. It’s a worthy contender for best gaming chair for lower back pain

This chair has a great backrest and seat which are perfectly padded. It is contoured to provide the neck and back with the necessary support to keep proper posture. We also love the very tall headrest which takes care of your shoulder support requirements.

On closer inspection, you will see two vents on the headrest section. These are for ventilation and for you to attach a neck pillow for maximum comfort and support.

Other things to note are that Respawn 900 is designed with convenience in mind. With a handy cup holder on the armrest and pockets for a controller and remote control. The controller pocket can easily accommodate a PS4 or Xbox One controller.

With its unique design, the Respawn 900 still has a 360-rotating seat. You should note that it does require a bit more force to rotate compared to wheeled gaming chairs.

To conclude, the 900 has a super sturdy base, is built to last, and brings a new level of comfort.

Blue Whale Big & Tall

Blue Whale is a very established brand name in the world of gamers’ chairs. As the name suggests, this chair is specially made for the larger gamer.

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Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support,Metal Base...

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Let’s face it, many of us just can’t fit into regular-sized chairs. That’s where the Blue Whale comes into its own by allowing larger game enthusiasts to stay comfortable.

This chair not only looks awesome but it more importantly provides the necessary support that the spine needs. This chair ensures ergonomic sitting by allowing varying working postures while promoting the correct seating position.

The standout feature of this model is the Massage Lumbar Cushion. It is designed to provide relaxation to the lumbar area of the back. A massage function is built into the lumbar cushion by hooking it up via the USB connection.

As you recline to a near-horizontal position, the lumbar cushion can be moved around to whatever part of your back is aching. You can even remove the massage pillow and place it on any chair of your choosing.

This state-of-the-art chair comes has a fully adjustable backrest enabling reclining from 90-155 degrees. You can even rock in this baby moving back and forth by about 20 degrees. The comfortable armrests are movable in four directions; left, right, up, and down. This gives the flexibility to achieve the ultimate seating position as you burn the midnight oil.

Other features to note are a sturdy all-metal frame and a heavy-duty nylon base that comes with explosion-proof gas springs. Rest assured, this tough gamers’ chair can easily support occupants of up to 400 pounds and will last for years.

Designed with comfort in mind, it has a wide seat with soft padding and premium PU leather covers. With a seating area of more than 20 inches, it also has a wide and high backrest for total comfort.

Serta Air

The Serta AIR Office Chair has a modern design and excellent ergonomic features. It’s not specifically designed for gamers, but it certainly deserves its place in our list of best gaming chairs for back pain.

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Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back Ergonomic for...

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$257.99 $344.99

You may know Serta is a company that usually makes pillows and mattresses so it will come as no surprise that their focus is on comfort and meticulous design.

As we have mentioned, a bad chair can cause pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. It can also lead to long-term injuries and poor circulation. To combat these issues, the Serta features adaptive lumbar support and comfortable layered body pillows.

On closer inspection, you will note that this baby features dynamic lumbar support that uses AIR technology. This technology is trademarked by Serta and this impressive feature gives pivoting support that moves with your body. Compared to other ergonomic chairs in this price range that have static lumbar support, the Serta is unique in that it will adjust to your specific body shape.

Other features that are of interest are the ergonomic body pillows. They are layered across the chair and have soft upholstered arm pads. This is a remarkable chair for the money and one of the best gaming chairs for your back

The Serta is upholstered in environmentally friendly bonded leather which is more comfortable than regular leather. It is available in three colors: light gray, cream, and black. It weighs just under 39 pounds and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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