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What makes a man attractive

What Makes an Attractive Man? – We Give You the Lowdown!

What makes an attractive man

Men and women ask, “What makes an attractive man?”. There is a multitude of attributes that make a man attractive. On a physical level, facial features, height, physique, apparent status, personal hygiene, and body language play vital roles in a man’s desirability. On a psychological level, flirtatiousness, kindness, humor, power, loyalty, and wisdom also play their parts in a man’s attractiveness.

Although we might not feel comfortable admitting it, most of us are strongly influenced by the physical attractiveness of our prospective partners.

A study by Swami & Furnham 2008 found that the only significant determinant for liking a partner was their physical attractiveness and that no other characteristics mattered (even money, humor, or intelligence!!!)

You’re bound to have heard the phrase “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” (the romantic notion that each of us has our idea of what is attractive), but interestingly this is not true. It is generally agreed upon which people are deemed attractive, and this agreement spans across cultures and even includes children’s views.

So without further ado, here is our listicle of what makes an attractive man. In this list, we’ll furnish you with some actionable tips and tricks to speed you along your way to improve your looks and appear more handsome.

What makes an attractive man?


To kick things off, let’s talk about your epidermis. Much research suggests that looking after your skin is one of the best ways to improve your appearance and boost your good looks.

Top ways to make your skin glow:

  • 1 – Keep out of the sun. Too much sunshine can lead to age spots and wrinkles. If you must go out in it, slap on SPF 15+ sunscreen and cover up the rest of your body with loose clothing.
  • 2 – Be gentle at wash time. Avoid strong soaps, shave gently without pressing too hard, and moisturize regularly if you have dry skin.
  • 3 – Eat lots of fruit & veg. And get some whole grains and lean proteins, too. And while we’re on the subject, keep your skin looking tip-top by drinking plenty of water to keep it hydrated.
  • 4 – Lay off the ciggies. Blah, blah, blah…Yes, we know you don’t want to hear it, but in the interests of full disclosure, we must mention that smoking makes your skin look older and gives you wrinkles.


What makes a man attractive

How often have you thought, “Is my body desirable to women?”.

Millennial dudes have had to deal with the pressures of body image like no generation before. The gyms are now full of men desiring a ‘gym body’ to stay attractive to women.

Women still like men with broad shoulders, which probably dates back to our Stone-Age ancestors’ tastes. Broad shoulders are still considered masculine and strong, making a lass feel more feminine.

So get active, guys! Start by joining a gym, start a routine of jogging, whatever floats your boat, because there’s no dispute that your body is a massive part of the attractiveness puzzle.


what makes a younger man attracted to an older woman

Women appreciate it when a man tries to look nice, but a Versace suit will only get you so far! What is more important is how a man behaves than the brand of his clothes.

Women have all many differing ideas about what clothes look good on a man. It is better to stick to some general style rules in this regard. When choosing an outfit for a date, try to choose clothing items that send out POSITIVE vibes that might hint at your personality or lifestyle.

Women that are on the lookout for a longer-term partner are attracted to men who are good providers. You should dress in a more “mature” style which can signal that you’re the “marrying type.”

And a little tip is to try WEARING RED!!! – A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that men wearing red were considered more sexually attractive by women.


what makes an older man attractive to a younger woman

Your personal hygiene matters! Whether you’re keen on keeping your current partner or attracting a new one, a good grooming regime is the way to go.

Studies have shown that women rate us guys on the way they smell. Olfactory cues inform women about strength and health attributes. These and a nice cologne will likely subliminally influence members of the opposite sex who may be “looking for love.”



A study done at Northumbria University found that women were drawn to men sporting stubble. They concluded that such fellows were considered more attractive sexual partners, mature, and masculine than their beardless counterparts.

It is safe to say that beards are seen as a sign of masculine prowess these days, and those ladies they attract, regard them as a sign of dominance. It’s a strange phenomenon, but the perception of a man’s masculinity increases with the amount of facial hair that he has.

If you are ready to jump on the “Beard Train,” there are many resources online, but our favorite is Check out our article How to Grow a Beard for some handy tips.


Good posture

How you carry yourself is a very telling insight into your psyche and sends a clear message to the world. American psychologist Ray Birdwhistell’s studies stunned us by showing that in indirect conversations, only 35% of the information came from words, and a whopping 65% came from body language.

Practicing good posture might sound silly and a waste of time but think again! By standing up straight with your shoulders back, you will appear more confident and in control, making you seem more attractive. (You will also appear a little taller, too, so that’s a bonus.)

Posture Tips

  • 1 – Keep your shoulders as square as possible.
  • 2 – Keep your spine straight.
  • 3 – Do your best to center your hips over your feet.
  • 4 – Walk with confidence and don’t drag your feet or shuffle along. Also, avoid putting your hands in your pants pockets or looking at the ground.

We hope you enjoyed this article and it has given you some ideas and actionable tips about what makes an attractive man.

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