Watch your home from anywhere with these cool indoor cameras

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Want to watch your home from anywhere on the planet and keep tabs on what’s going on in your absence?

With the latest motion detection and two-way audio, it’s easy to find out exactly what’s going on in your house, apartment, or man-cave with the latest indoor security cameras.

Watch your home from anywhere

Like tons of other gadgets, security cameras have also gotten smart. Most smart home appliances let you play with the settings and some even have Alexa integration.

Thanks to improvements in artificial intelligence, indoor cams have gotten pretty hi-tech. The most popular ones have motion detection and higher-end models can even tell the difference between people and animals on the best machines, there is now real-time facial recognition available.

Given all that, the best indoor security camera isn’t always the smartest and most expensive. It just needs to cover most bases and allow you to watch your home from anywhere.

So If you need to keep an eye on your crib when you’re out and about, we found the best-rated indoor security cameras you can buy today.

How to watch your home from anywhere

Best indoor camera – The Nest

For audio and video capability, the Nest Cam Indoor is the best indoor security camera available today. We particularly love the setup, app, alerts, two-way communication, and very impressive video quality.

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Watch your home from anywhere from work to the beach – with the Nest Aware service, you get continuous, 24/7 recording but it’s not free. There are several plans available which range from 5 days of storage up to 30 days. When you purchase the Nest Cam, you automatically receive a 30-day trial of 24/7 continuous video recording to get you started.

You’re also able to view ‘live” and recorded video but it does use a fair bit of bandwidth. Like all of Nest’s cameras, it automatically adjusts the quality of the uploaded video based on your connection speed.

After you have your Nest Aware subscription (minimum $5 per month), the camera can differentiate between people and pets, and it can be asked to send you notifications only when it detects people. You also get access to all of the Nest Cam’s features including precise alerts.

At the time of writing, the Nest Cam has the widest compatibility with smart-home devices such as Hue bulbs, Skybell doorbell cameras, and the very cool MyQ garage-door controller. Oh, it also is compatible with Google Assistant.

So if you want to know exactly what’s going on at home when you’re at work or in the gym, the Nest security camera will make sure you never miss a thing!

Runner-up – The Arlo Pro (with siren)

If you grab a Netgear Arlo Q, you get seven days of free storage, totally customizable activity zones, and a crisp and clear image.

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Unlike the Nest, the Arlo Q doesn’t record continuously – it must reset after every recording, which results in short gaps between the clips. Of course, this makes it less useful for home security but it’s a great little camera for watching your kids or pets.

The Arlo Q can record 15, 60, or 120-second clips, or you “record until activity stops,” (which works out at about 5 minutes). It produces clear and colorful 130-degree videos and also still images.

The camera works surprisingly well in dim light (using the Night mode) and the images remain crisp and clear even when zoomed with the camera’s 8X zoom capability.

The Arlo Q connects to any Wi-Fi network and you can also link it with other Arlo indoor/outdoor cameras with the Arlo app (available for iOS, Android, FireOS, and any Web browser).

With this app, you can easily access your recordings, set your activity zones, and change the sensitivity so you don’t get alerts every five minutes. The Arlo Q can be used with IFTTT, SmartThings, Wink, Alexa, and Stringify.

Also great – The Amazon Cloud Cam

Fans of Alexa will love that this cool indoor camera syncs easily to your Alexa account.

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Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera, Works with Alexa

Last update was on: March 24, 2023 9:59 pm

It features 1080P video, motion alert sensors, real-time notifications, and it lets you download, store and save 24 hrs of video totally free.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is cheaper than most of its competitors and is better than most models costing double the price. It’s very easy to set up and you can record and keep HD footage for 24 hours for no cost (or you can store it for longer if you opt for Amazon’s monthly subscription).

The Cloud cam also has a two-way talk feature, excellent audio recording, and night vision but it doesn’t allow continuous recording. This camera only allows you to save clips when the device detects movement or people in its field of vision.

The Cloud Cam mobile app is also excellent and very straightforward to use. It only has three screens to worry about: an account management panel, a live feed screen, and a settings list.

On its own, the camera only has motion detection but if you opt for Amazon’s cloud subscription, the camera gets a “people detection” function, which means it can tell the difference between people and pets. Also with the subscription, you can section-off areas and tell the camera to ignore activity in that particular area.

It’s a pity that the Cloud Cam does not have facial recognition (like the Nest) but if it did it would be much pricier. That, unfortunately, means you’ll get many notifications if the camera is facing a busy part of your home, like the front door or hall, or living room.

To conclude, the Cloud Cam is a well-built indoor security camera and the most capable camera for a very reasonable price.

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