Harley Blue is the most expensive motorcycle in the world!

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The latest addition to the Bucherer family is the Harley-Davidson BLUE EDITION and it just happens to be the most expensive motorcycle in the world today!!!

Most expensive motorcycle in the world

Bucherer has been one of the world’s leading retailers of luxury watch brands since 1888. In addition to its own Carl F. Bucherer watch brand, the Swiss watch and jewelry company represents many other prestigious brands. At the time of writing, Bucherer has over 1300 different models to choose from and also stocks the largest range of Rolex watches on the planet!

Most expensive bike in the world

This stunning custom motorcycle was put together by the boutique Harley-Davidson workshop of Bündnerbike (located in the Swiss Alps). It produces around 100 BHP and has a whopping value of around $1.8 million (yes…1.8 million USD!) making it the most expensive motorbike in the world.

HD Blue Bike

You may be thinking “how can a motorcycle be worth nearly $2 million?”, but when you consider the fact that it took a team of 8 employees more than 2,500 hours to design and produce the bike, the picture of why this custom Harley is the most expensive motorcycle in the world becomes clear.

The HD BLUE EDITION was once a Softail Slim S, however, there isn’t much left of the original bike and its old-fashioned styling. Every metal element on this bike has been manufactured, welded, beaten, ground, and polished by hand.

Most expensive motorbike

Featuring a seamlessly welded frame, custom rims, a rotating camshaft (which can be seen through a window in the camshaft housing), gold-plated valve and throttle valves, and heat-resistant LED lights, the Harley BLUE EDITION has another accolade…being the world’s first motorbike to have its motor illuminated from the inside!

Most expensive motorcycle in the world

The custom seat is hand-made from the best cowhide leather but the real genius comes with achieving the stunning iridescent color. Before the six layers of paint could be applied to the bike, the entire machine had to be silver-plated in a process that is a closely guarded secret. The result is a work of art that combines a combination of custom motorcycle design and the art of fine jewelry manufacturers.

If all this wasn’t enough, this blue beast has another world’s 1st….being the only motorcycle to have a watch and jewels integrated into it. Amongst the jewels are a Dizzler rotating ring (from the Bucherer Fine Jewelry collection) on the handgrips, a pair of Dizzler diamond rings on the forks, and a large version of the exquisite Dizzler ring in the tank.

Harley Davidson Blue Edition

Our favorite part of the HD Blue is located beneath an armored glass dome on the bike’s gas tank, a six-prong Heaven solitaire ring with a 5.40-carat diamond. This pretty gemstone sits alongside a specially made custom watch (which is based on the Patravi TravelTec II model). The dial of this one-of-a-kind timepiece is lovingly adorned by elements of a motorcycle engine. To keep the watch safe from the engine vibrations, the watch is housed in a cage made from silicon rings.

Highest priced motorcycle on earth

Samir Merdanovic, Head of Manufacture Movements at Carl F. Bucherer” said “It was a long road. The holder, for example, also serves as a watch winder. The watch is therefore wound regularly and continues to run, even if the motorcycle is not ridden for an extended period”.

If all this wasn’t enough, the lucky owner also gets a further unique Carl F. Bucherer for them to adorn their wrist. This watch has also been created to incorporate design elements of the bike so that even when not in the saddle, the owner will always have a reminder of their luxurious blue beast!

The exclusive BLUE EDITION watch collection includes 17 wristwatches, which all feature the company’s consummate craftsmanship. The range is now complete with the addition of the Harley-Davidson BLUE EDITION custom bike.

This humble Harley Davidson has made motorcycle history by being the most expensive motorcycle in the world, the first motorcycle to be embellished with a manufacturer’s watch & jewels, and the first motorcycle to have its engine illuminated from the INSIDE!!!

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