Swear word coloring books – Art therapy or obscenity?

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Coloring books are no longer just for children. Swear word coloring books have been around since 2012 and this previously niche pastime has flourished into a hugely popular trend with new titles appearing on a near-daily basis.

Swear word coloring books

Coloring books are widely touted as a great alternative to meditation. Art therapy is a growing mental health aid and is used to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflict, increase self-esteem, and reduce anxiety.

Similar to meditation, coloring is a great way to practice mindfulness. Many research-based studies have shown that mindfulness has a strong correlation with well-being and perceived physical health.

A recent offshoot of the adult coloring book trend is explicit over 18 versions. These hilarious coloring books incorporate swear words, phallic symbols, horror images, and all manner of 18 + fun.

We have scoured the internet to bring you a carefully curated list of the coolest and funniest swear word coloring books available right now. If you are easily offended it might be a good idea to skip this article and check out some of our other articles!

Our Top 10 List of the Funniest Swear Word Coloring Books

Go F#ck Yourself, I’m Coloring

First on our list is the beautifully illustrated “Go F#ck Yourself, I’m coloring” book designed by Alex Fleming.

This Book is part of the “I’m coloring” series and was made following the huge success of “Screw you, I’m coloring!”

“Go Fuck Yourself, I’m Coloring” features new and offensive swear words and insults to color with only one goal – to help you unwind and de-stress after those days when everyone just seems out to get you!

This adult coloring book has 26 pages of coloring delights and all designs are printed on single-sided paper so there is no chance of ink bleeding through from previous coloring exploits.

Included with the book is it digital PDF of all the coloring pictures which can be printed and given to your foul-mouthed buddies.

The Farting Animals Coloring Book

One of our favorite adult coloring books, this gem was created by a talented artist named M T Lott. An absolute hoot, “The Farting Animals Coloring Book” has been enjoyed by many, from snotty-nosed kids to more mature folks.

Color your stress away as you forget that argument you had with your boss earlier that day. This unique book features farting meerkats, chuffing dogs, wind-breaking pandas, ripping giraffes, and flatulent hippos.

All of the pictures are printed on one side so the ink won’t bleed through the page and spoil your other masterpieces.

The Farting Animals Coloring Book is a top seller and has proved an awesome gag gift for nearly every occasion from Secret Santas to birthdays!

The Beauty Horror Coloring Book

The Beauty Horror Coloring Book” is art therapy for the slightly abnormal! A strange cross between “The Walking Dead” and “The Secret Garden”.

This quirky book includes such monstrosities as severed heads, weird monsters, torture chambers, and burial grounds. We know you’ll love the deliciously dark humor of this exquisitely crafted adult coloring book.

Indulge your darkest desires while coloring away your anxiety, this book is gloriously gory and lots of fun.

F*cking Adorable Cute Critters with Foul Mouths

If you are in the market for an obscene swear word coloring book full of disgusting phrases and insults, this one could be right up your alley!

What makes this book so unique is that the foul language is coming out of the mouths of the sweetest and cutest critters that genius artist Heather Land could dream up.

Examples include a cuddly raccoon shouting “Cumstain” to a “C#nt-A-Saurus Rex”, this book is rather filthy and is not recommended for youngsters!

This cheeky adult coloring book has 30 offensive single-sided pages to color and devotees have left numerous rave reviews on Amazon.

F*cking Adorable Cute Critters with Foul Mouths” is comedy gold and the perfect combination of nice and nasty!

These books when accompanied by a pack of glitter gel pens make an awesome gift for your prudish grandparents!

Honey-Cock Coloring Book for Adults

Next on our list of the best adult coloring books is the raunchy & titillating “Honey-Cock Coloring Book for Adults“.

This penis coloring book has a great selection of todgers for you to color your stress away.

There have been many articles in the press recently about how coloring books have been proven to be therapeutic and what better way to indulge your inner artist than to beaver-away coloring a splendid array of willies!

We love that each page has a border so that they can be removed, framed, and given to friends/enemies.

Again, not one for the under-16s, but we grown-ups can revel in this coloring book full of schlongs drawn by top knob artists!

The Game of Thrones Adult Coloring Book

The “Game of Thrones Adult Coloring Book” may not be offensive, dirty, or rude in any way but it just has to be included in our list. This book is beautifully illustrated and a must-have item for fans of the TV show.

This spectacular coloring book is suitable for all ages and features 45 exclusive illustrations for fans of G.O.T or George R R Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

The Game of Thrones coloring book is hugely collectible and is jam-packed with exquisitely drawn characters, castles, shields, and monsters to name but a few.

The pictures are incredibly detailed with designs taking some colors nearly a week to finish.

With tons of positive customer reviews on Amazon, this New York Times bestseller is a must-have for Christmas for aficionados of the hugely popular TV show.

Make Life your Bitch Coloring Book

Bad day at the office? Is your girlfriend giving you an earache?… Never fear the “Make Life your Bitch Coloring Book” is here! With 20 inspiring pages to color, your mojo will soon return as you color the amazing illustration and filthy words.

A little different from the previous coloring books in that all of these designs are printed on black backgrounds which mean that your colors really pop.

Make Life your Bitch” is the latest creation of artist John T and joins his collection of nine other awesome titles. This one is filled with all-new motivational phrases such as “Inhale the Good Shit – Exhale the Bullshit” and ”Pretty F#cking Rad – Keep that Shit up!”

One for the potty-mouthed grown-ups, this wonderful swear word coloring book has been developed to turn your stresses and strains into success and tranquility.

The Sugar Skull Coloring Book

[In honor of el Dia de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), publisher Papeterie Bleu presents the fabulous “Sugar Skull Coloring Book” for grown-ups.

The Day of the Dead is an incredible celebration seen in Mexico and other Latin countries in which families remember loved relatives that have sadly passed away. Now you too can honor your great-uncle or favorite deceased relation by coloring the beautiful skulls and simultaneously achieve a calm and soothing state of relaxation.

Beautiful designs include pirate sugar skulls, flamenco dancer skulls, and flower skulls. This book is made with a premium matte finish and all of the skulls are printed on single-sided 8.5 in x 11 paper.

Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book

Looking for something a little raunchier? Take a peek at the “Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book“. If coloring-in heaving cleavages and skimpy outfits are your thing, then “GET YOUR PENCIL READY!”

Containing 45 beautifully crafted pages, about everything from sorcery to steampunks to fairy tales, all pages are single-sided, so there is no danger from bleed-through of ink.

Recommended for those needing to relieve the stress of everyday life, just grab your pen and color the risque pics while your brain focuses on creating beautiful pieces of artwork.

“The Grimm Fairy Tales Coloring Book” features a sweet list of characters including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Robin Hood, and The Little Mermaid. Join the madness of adult coloring with some of the world’s most recognizable characters.

The Jungle Adult Coloring Book

Warning! This one is crude! It features some of the most inappropriate swear words in the galaxy, beautifully interwoven with amazing designs featuring animals and the jungle environment.

Jungle Adult Coloring Book contains 27 unique stress-relieving pages, all of which are printed on single-sided paper. Each page has been carefully designed for fun and relaxation and there’s something for everyone from beginners to Pros.

If you are quick, you will also receive a PDF digital edition of the book so that you can print out your faves and distribute them amongst your foul-mouthed pals!

Examples of coloring words in this cheeky book are “Douchebag”, “Calm your Balls”, “F#ckwit”, and “Lameass”, and some are just too shocking to mention!

Among the foul language are cute animals such as squirrels, monkeys, pandas, and lizards. Just relax, choose your favorite swear word, and color yourself into a calm and soothing meditative state with this swear word coloring book.

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