7 Budget smartwatches that measure blood pressure 2022

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If you’ve finally decided to get off your fat backside and get fit, we applaud you. After you have made a rough fitness plan and set some loose goals, you will probably want to track your progress and overall health. Check out our picks for the best smartwatches that measure blood pressure.

Smart watches that measure blood pressure

Why do you need a smartwatch that measures blood pressure?

High blood pressure is known to put extra strain on the body’s blood vessels, heart, and even such organs as the brain, eyes, and kidneys. And if this issue isn’t addressed, it can lead to serious health issues including heart disease or heart attacks.

Exercise plays a huge role in staying healthy and experts agree that we should keep an eye on our heart rate and blood pressure. In days gone by, you had to take a trip to the doctor’s office to get your blood pressure checked, but these days you can simply slap a device onto your wrist.

By monitoring your blood pressure with a smartwatch or activity tracker, you can see how your exercise program is improving your heart’s health over time.

As usual, we have done all the research so you don’t have to. We’ve found the best smartwatches that measure blood pressure available today.

All of these affordable watches are designed to measure your heart stats while still being stylish enough to wear every day. They will allow you to measure every single beat of your heart to keep a close eye on your overall health.

The Best Smartwatches that measure blood pressure in 2022

FITFORT Fitness Tracker

The Fitfort tracker is the best blood pressure monitoring smartwatch for the money. Just imagine this cool device as an electronic finger on your pulse, constantly measuring your vital stats, heart pressure, heart rate, quality of sleep, and even your step count.

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This sleek watch even serves as your personal health coach. It sends you reminders to move your ass or drink water if you are inactive for long periods. You can measure your blood pressure at all times and track up to 14 different exercises.

The device is IP68 waterproof which means that it can be dropped into water up to a meter deep for half an hour. With a color LCD display allowing 5 different levels of brightness, you can easily read your stats even when the sun is shining.

The FITFORT fitness tracker with a blood pressure hr monitor is an excellent device. It can measure metrics such as your times, distances, and also the total amount of calories burned from your efforts. This cool blood pressure-measuring smartwatch has thousands of reviews on Amazon and is our top pick for the best smartwatches that measure blood pressure.

Charging is simple by using the USB port and only takes 1 to 2 hours for a full charge lasting for about 1 week.

MorePro E.C.G Fitness Tracker

Our next favorite smartwatch for checking your blood pressure is best described as a wearable E-C-G (Electrocardiogram). Use the device to track your heart rate and rhythm so that you can always have peace of mind. Just rest your fingers on the sensors for 30 seconds and you can read your stats on the App.

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The MorePro has a cute 1.14-inch IPS HD Color Screen which is easy to read both inside and outdoors. Like the Fitfort, it is rated at IP68 waterproof which means that you don’t need to be concerned when washing your hands or taking a shower.

The MorePro has a 24/7 health monitoring function. The sleep monitor is great for night sleeping and also works if you take naps in the daytime, too. Regarding fitness tracking, you can see your steps, walking distance, calories burned, and activity time. It’s simple to sync the device to your phone and then you can access your health report with an App.

Reviewers of the MorePro love the long battery life and wide compatibility. With cordless USB charging and up to 5 days of battery life from a full charge, the MorePro wearable E.C.G is an excellent fitness companion.

TagoBee Fitness Tracker

We’re big fans of the TagoBee Activity Tracker with GPS Connect with its easy-to-track daily exercise data including total steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.

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A standout feature of this device is that you can turn on the GPS of your smartphone and using the TagoBee APP, you can display/record your location, motion paths, and even speeds. Featuring a real-time heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor, this smartwatch will measure your heart rate and blood pressure automatically. All of this data is then synced to the TagoBee App.

We love the sleep monitoring function. You can track the amount of light sleep and deep sleep that you get each night. This incredible feature gives you the power to analyze your sleep quality and make the necessary lifestyle choices.

With all the usual functions of a modern smartwatch, the TagoBee vibrates when you have an incoming call, SMS, or SNS.

Again with an IP68 international waterproof rating, you can wear the TagoBee while swimming or kicking back in the jacuzzi. It’s fitted with a 200mAh battery with a battery life of between 3-5 days with constant use.

This vital sign measuring watch is compatible with IOS 8.0 & Android 4.4. The App supports most smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

SIKADEER Fitness Tracker

Next on our list of blood pressure-measuring wristwatches is the SIKADEER. It has all of the functions you would expect including 24-hour continuous heart rate/blood pressure monitoring. It also has sleep monitoring, a pedometer, a calorie counter, and a step counter. In addition, it features call & SMS message notifications, sedentary reminders, a remote camera, and an alarm.

The SIKADEER does the same job as the other fitness trackers in our list recording your activity data. A single charge for about an hour will give you a standby time of between 5 and 8 days. The fitness tracker automatically monitors your daily real-time heart rate and also measures your vitals while you sleep.

The SIKADEER App supports smartphones that use Bluetooth 4.0 or above, iPhone iOS 8.0 or above, and Android 4.4 or above.

And if you’re still on the fence, this fitness tracking timepiece comes with an 18-month replacement or refund guarantee.

YAMAY 336 Fitness Tracker

Next in our list of activity trackers that measure heart rate and blood pressure is the very popular YAMAY 336.

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This minimalist smartwatch has 14 different sports modes. This precision allows you to better track your workouts and then analyze your health improvements.

The device’s pedometer means you can accurately track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and duration times. Waterproof to IP68 standard, it’s fine for swimming but note that you cannot track swimming data.

Like the other devices in this list, the YAMAY 336 automatically monitors your heart rate 24/7. It utilizes the latest heart rate and blood pressure sensors.

The device can automatically detect when you go to sleep between the hours of 9 pm and 8 am. This data will give you the power to analyze your sleep quality.

This fully-loaded activity tracker works with iPhone and Android phones (iOS 7.1 & Android 4.4 & above). All of your notifications are displayed on the compact screen and you can also check your calls, calendar, SMS, and SNS notifications.

Charging is straightforward with no cable needed. Just remove the bands and charge the device with the built-in USB plug with any USB port. A full charge will keep you powered up for about a week.

HalfSun Fitness Tracker

With a 1.3-inch IPS HD full-color screen and cool ergonomic design, the Halfsun Fitness Tracker is a very nice choice if you are serious about getting your health in check.

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You can easily record your daily activities and see data about your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, and even your sleep quality.

The HalfSun tracks your heart rate in real-time and your blood pressure is taken automatically, too. You can see all the data in detailed reports (available through the App.)

Tons of functions on this device include a Sleep Monitor, Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Call Alert (Hang up), Camera, Alarm, Sedentary Alert, and vibrating alerts for SMS /SNS messages.

You can also use the GPS on your cellphone to connect to the watch to see detailed stats like pace, distance, and a map of your workout route.

We love the sedentary alert function on the HalfSun Fitness Watch. Many of us have sedentary lifestyles and this can have a very adverse effect on our health. The HalfSun V2 sedentary reminder feature can remind you to get off your ass and talk a walk.

Although this list features blood pressure watches for men, this device is also good for women. It features a Female Menstruation Period Reminder / Pregnancy Planner function. This can be used as a timely reminder of the female user’s different physiological states.

The HalfSun Fitness tracker connects to your smartphone so that you can access the GPS features. Then you can see statistics about your pace, distance, and also maps of your routes.

MorePro Activity Tracker

Last on our list of the best smartwatches that measure blood pressure is made by MorePro. This model is larger than the above E.C.G model but has very similar functions.

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The cool-looking larger screen measures 1.3 inches and functions as a full-touch screen. You can adjust the brightness easily so it can be used in all light conditions. It’s waterproof to IP68 standard so it can be used for swimming.

As with the previous devices, it can measure your blood pressure and heart rate continuously throughout the entire day. It records the real-time data of your heartbeats giving you the info you need to adjust the intensity of your workouts.

You can track real-time steps, distance, and calories burned as well as your sleeping stats. The MorePro automatically tracks your sleeping patterns between the hours of 6 pm to 8 am. Upload and analyze your sleeping patterns on the App to find out how much time you are spending in light and deep sleep.

The device syncs the notifications of calls, SMS, and a host of other applications including WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. It features an alarm clock, a remote camera, a phone finder, and a timer. And if you happen to be a lady, you may be pleased to have a “period reminder” on hand.

The MorePro APP requires iOS 9.0 & Android 4.4 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 (Smartphone only, not for PC or Tablet). A full charge takes around 2 hours and is good for 3 to 7 days (charging cable included).

Smart watches that monitor blood pressure

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