The smallest OLED TV for videophiles with limited space

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If you’re looking for the smallest OLED TV available today, you won’t find any models smaller than 55 inches.

The two major players are LG and Sony, with both brands having models measuring 55″. LG’s latest 55-inch model is called the C8 and Sony’s most recent offering is named the A1E.

Smallest OLED TV

While both the LG and the Sony OLED TVs offer a state-of-art viewing experience, the LG is significantly cheaper and delivers incredible picture quality which is every bit as good as the Sony. The LG C8 has proved very popular for those that need top video performance, especially with new HDR content.

The C8 might appear expensive when you compare it with a good LCD TV, but the picture quality is better than any LCD on the market (and it holds its own in the company of much more expensive OLED TVs, too). The C8 is a great choice for any videophile who needs first-class image quality from his TV to enjoy movies and video games to their fullest.

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Why choose an OLED TV?

Trying to find the best TV is like trying to choose the best leaf on the tree, in that the vast majority of TVs look exactly the same – that is unless you’re looking at an OLED-equipped model.

Get yourself down to your local department store and you will notice that when compared to even the best LCD TVs, an OLED TV just looks better. A lot of this is due to the brighter colors and inkier blacks that OLED TVs can produce.

The main reason why OLED TVs look so much better is that they don’t need a backlight. Non-OLED TV screens are built with a panel of pixels and some kind of light source that shines through the LCD panel. This tech is now getting rather dated and cannot compete with the latest OLED technology.

Smallest OLED TV (and also the best) – The LG C8

The LG C8 OLED TV has the best HDR image quality we’ve ever seen, is every bit as good as high-end OLED TVs, is substantially cheaper than its rivals, and is a breeze to set up and use.

The smallest OLED TV available from LG has awesome image quality and is built to support the latest HDR technology. All of your favorite video and audio streaming services are supported on its WebOS smart TV platform.

Film nuts will also love that they have more control over the image than with Sony’s A1E so for once, buying a more expensive model doesn’t get you a higher image quality, making the C8 the best OLED TV for the money right now.

You may not know that LG is currently the only company that makes OLED TV screens and it also supplies them to its rivals – Sony and Panasonic. Regarding connectivity, there are 4 HDMI ports on the C8, plus 3 USBs, 1 optical, and 1 cable, along with all of the usual ports you usually get.

The LG C8 has excellent downward-facing speakers and it is also Dolby Atmos capable. While the sound is pretty good, you would still be well-advised to get yourself a decent soundbar for the ultimate cinematic experience.

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LG Electronics OLED55C8PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2018 Model)

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So if you’re looking for the smallest OLED TV on the market (and more importantly – the best, here it is (and yes, Google Assistant is included).

Runner-up for best 55-inch OLED TV – The Sony A1E

The A1E is the smallest OLED TV made by Sony. It’s a great TV and has slightly better audio quality than the LG C8, but where it cannot compete is with its HDR image and it also has a slightly more complicated user interface.

The Sony and LG look nearly identical when watching SDR content, but when it comes to HDR, the LG is significantly better, thanks to the new Dynamic Tone Mapping function which enables you to see every detail on the screen.

Our only other small gripes with the Sony A1E OLED TV are that its wall-mounting system isn’t as stylish, and its Android TV operating system isn’t as quick or easy to use as the WebOS system on the LG C8.

What we do love, however, is the unique “easel-style” stand, which is designed so that the bottom of the TV can rest on a surface without any gap underneath it. It doesn’t take long to set up and once the heavy piece of the stand is locked into position, a stabilizing bar keeps it locked in position.

Regarding the A1’s audio, it’s pretty darn good and that’s in part due to a small subwoofer mounted on the rear of the unit. While it delivers wicked sound, no TV sound system will ever be a substitute for a good quality soundbar (but it far exceeds that of most TV sound systems).

Unlike the LG, the Sony A1E OLED TV isn’t built with conventional speakers. In fact, Sony’s OLED screen is the speaker system! This innovative idea is achieved by placing small vibrating transducers behind the screen which create a near-soundbar-like experience.

The Sony runs the Android TV platform and comes with some cool features. The first is that the TV has Google Cast built-in, the second is that the TV can be controlled by Google Assistant, and the third is that you can control the TV (and its launch programs) with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa.

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Sony XBR55A1E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart BRAVIA OLED TV (2017 Model),...

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