Gooseneck iPhone holders for watching movies in bed

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Holding your phone in your hand when trying to relax in the sack can be pretty tricky, so we’ve found the best iPhone holders for watching movies in bed.

iPhone holder for watching movies in bed

Unless you are a caveman or happen to be living on the moon, your smartphone has probably become an integral part of your daily life. Whether you use it to watch streaming movies, look up recipes, shop, or study, we all rely on our phones and tablets to help us with our busy lives.

But sometimes life can be a real handful, and it is not always practical to keep our devices in the palm of our hands. For example, if you are baking something delicious in the kitchen and up to your elbows in flour, how do you hold your phone without getting it covered in your ingredients?

And what about when you want to watch your favorite TV show in the bath or enjoy a movie while lying in bed? The answer is simple, get yourself a gooseneck!

Do I need a gooseneck smartphone/tablet holder?

There are now some pretty cool options that eliminate the need to hold your phone in your hand. These devices keep your phone safe and in the correct position while leaving your hands free to take care of other matters.

There are many mounting options for your devices but in this article, we are looking at gooseneck-style phone holders. They are our favorite way to keep your phone or tablet visible and can be positioned any way you like while leaving your hands free for something else!

Gooseneck holders are also the preferred choice for multitaskers. You may work on your laptop but also need your phone to be visible at the same time. Gooseneck phone mounts are a must-have item for folks looking to maximize their productivity.

In this article, we look at all the latest and greatest gooseneck holders for all models of the Apple iPhone. These phone mounts are also suitable for the majority of Android smartphones.

This review takes into account the design, durability, and versatility as well as any extra special features offered. As always, we only recommend products that we would buy ourselves and that are reasonably priced with the highest customer feedback scores.

The benefits of a gooseneck iPhone holder

  • You can find the perfect viewing position for watching movies or TV shows in bed
  • Your phone can be attached to a desk for use when multitasking with a laptop
  • Watch a movie in the bath without worrying about dropping it in the water
  • Most gooseneck phone holders also work with baby monitors (check sizing)
  • Allows you to find the most comfortable position for your neck when relaxing in a prone position
  • Chat, SMS, listen to music, etc without holding the phone in your hand

Best iPhone holders for watching movies in bed

Top Pick – AboveTEK Gooseneck

Our top pick for the best iPhone holder for watching movies is the AboveTEK Heavy Duty Aluminum Gooseneck Arm. The arm comes with three brackets and is the best lazy mount gooseneck holder for hands-free video phone use.

It comes with 5, 8, and 10-inch swivel holders which make it universally compatible with just about every smartphone and tablet.

This gooseneck is super-flexible and allows a full range of movement so that you can get your phone or tablet into the perfect viewing position, whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down.

One of the main reasons that the AboveTEK is our favorite is its top-notch stability. The device is skid-proof and features an anti-slip holder that firmly clamps to any kind of surface without any worry of shaking or slipping.

The silver aluminum arm looks sleek and is designed to complement your devices. It also has an anti-scratch clip that keeps your device secure without scratching your furniture.

The AboveTEK is also very portable. It easily fits into a standard-size backpack so you can always have it handy to attach to your office desktop, coffee table, bedside nightstand, or any other flat edge.

If you’re a multitasker, a budding chef (that needs to follow online recipes), or just a lazy dude that can’t be bothered to hold their device while watching movies in bed, this is the perfect space-saving gadget.

The AboveTEK is super-easy to set up. Just clamp the gooseneck to any surface and you’re good to go!

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Runner-up – Tyrone Gooseneck

The second-best of the iPhone holders for watching movies in bed is the Tyrone gooseneck. The Tyrone is made from high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy which means that it’s built to last and feels very sturdy in normal day-to-day use.

Even though the materials are very strong, the gooseneck device holder is very flexible which means that you can bend it into just about. While the actual mount is made of tough plastic, the side that faces your device is made using a softer composite material, so there is little chance of damage to your iPhone/iPad, etc.

It has no trouble holding phones or tablets measuring between 4 to 7.9 inches which means that it’s good for the vast majority of phones (including all iPhones) and many of the latest tablets, too. The Tyrone gooseneck tablet/smartphone stand has a fully adjustable mount and a super-bendy arm, both of which are well-made and durable.

We are big fans of the Tyrone and particularly love the easy access to all of the ports and functions of your electronic device. There is no obstruction to both the headphone and charging ports of your smartphone as well as the power buttons.

This gooseneck can be attached just about anywhere including bed frames, kitchen worktops, desks, and almost anything with a sturdy edge is suitable. The clamp is wide enough for most household surfaces (extendable up to 3 inches.) The entire stand is a whopping 30 inches from the base to the mount, so it can be placed a couple of feet away if you need a little elbow room while you are working.

All in all, the Tyrone is a very well-priced gooseneck that allows users easy access to the buttons of their smartphone or tablet. This means that you can keep your device in the holder indefinitely, without having to remove it for charging.

The Tyrone is the perfect stand for watching movies, reading articles, or even playing computer games.

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Also Great – B-Land Universal Gooseneck

Our third and final iPhone holder for watching movies in bed is the extremely popular B-Land Universal Mobile Phone Stand. It’s ergonomically designed and keeps the phone at the proper distance from your eyes when hanging on your neck. This avoids any chance of glare or neck strain.

If you’re tired of holding your phone in your hand to watch movies and you’ve had enough of dropping it onto your face repeatedly as you lay in bed, it’s time to get with the system and pick up a B-Land gooseneck device holder.

This one is very versatile. You can attach it to any hard surface, strap it to your body, wrap it around your car steering wheel, fix it onto your bicycle handlebars, or attach it to your bed.

The B-Land features a 360-degree rotating phone case that is easy to adjust for viewing from any angle. It’s perfectly designed for watching movies, playing phone games, and browsing the internet.

This excellent gooseneck is compatible with all sizes of phones from 2.2 inches up to a maximum of 3.34 inches (in width). For example, it is perfectly sized to hold an iPhone 8+ in its case.

The arm stand is very sturdy and made using 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy so there is no chance of shaking or movement during normal usage. The B-Land weighs 500g and comes with a full refund should there be any issues.

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