How to motivate yourself to workout and eat healthily

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We are often asked how to motivate ourselves to work out and eat healthily. We’re literally flooded with useful information as to why we should exercise, what types of workouts we should incorporate, and their numerous benefits when paired with the right eating regime. However, knowing is far from doing, and staying consistent with such a plan is even more demanding.

How to motivate yourself to eat healthy

Most of us mere mortals spend hours sitting down, devoted to work and running errands, and by the time we actually have a few hours on our hands, we have run out of energy to commit to our exercise plan, let alone set aside some time to meal prep.

Before you decide to throw in the towel, remember that there’s so much you can do to boost your willpower and motivate yourself to stay true to your goals. Let’s see how you can get your spirits up in times when you’re stuck in a rut and move forward with your fitness dream!

How to Motivate Yourself

How to motivate yourself to workout and eat healthily

Plan it out

It’s no good to just head straight to the local gym and sign up. You need to back up this move with a detailed workout program that you’ve devised based on your preferences, as well as goals. Not everyone can stick to the same routine and expect to reach their goals, and nothing is bad of a motivation-killer as not making any progress.

So, build a workout and diet plan, down to every grocery and piece of equipment that you’ll need to make it all happen.

Set measurable everyday goals

For some, all it takes is a plan, but others will quickly get stuck feeling lost without having enough tangible results to track. This is where your daily and weekly milestones should step in and save the day!
As you start to implement your diet, you can note down in your fitness journal all you’re doing, from every meal to every activity you take, and refine your steps as you go. That will help you build more realistic expectations and set specific goals such as how much weight you want to lose or how many more miles you want to be able to run after each week of hard work.

Create a workout-friendly space

Many of the most powerful buzz killers come from your environment. For instance, if the weather is dreadful, and you’re exhausted from a hard day at work, the chances that you’ll go to your Pilates class are rather slim.

Snack smart

Instead, you can craft your own little home fitness nook, and use quality gym equipment to build your strength and stamina. Try to include dumbbells and elastic bands to vary your workouts when you don’t have the energy to head to the gym. Sometimes, all you need is an improvised spin class in your spare room and a warm shower!

Snack smart

Few things can impact your fitness goals quite like mindless munchies. All those hours you spend snacking on unhealthy goodies without even thinking can add up to those love handles on your waist.

Snack smart
Get rid of unhealthy snacks from your home, and let go of that office stash of sweets. Replace them with healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit salads, veggie snacks (carrot sticks are an excellent choice), and other, homemade sweet and savory substitutes that will help you achieve your goals without hurting your meal schedule.

On a side note, did you know that some natural foods can help your sex drive?

Rotate different workouts

Monotony and repetitive workouts lead to boredom. This can wreak havoc on your desire to put in more effort and progress with your goals. Even professional athletes get tired of constantly going through the same movements repeatedly. The key is to find different ways to keep going, one of them is diversity!

Snack smart
Join a group class for a change, work out in the great outdoors, hike with your friends, or try learning a martial art. Sometimes all it takes is rotating your exercises in the gym to hit the same muscle groups but in a different way. This can help you feel invigorated to keep going.

Find a fitness buddy

Why go it alone if you have someone in your life who is striving to achieve similar results in life, and perhaps also struggles with the commitment? You can work out together or help each other stay on track. You can text each other reminders and give your partner pep talks from time to time.

If you’re not sure who to turn to, you can always start with a group class. This way, your instructor will be your inspiration. Then, in time, you might meet someone in your local gym or fitness group and create a pact to keep each other motivated.

We’re all different, and as such, no two workout plans or eating models will be perfect for all of us. Keep your mind open to making changes to your plan as you advance towards your goals. You may find yourself reaching them faster than you’ve ever imagined!

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