Want to know how to keep your girlfriend interested in you?

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Too many men think of attraction as being like a switch, in that once it’s switched on, it stays on forever. But the truth about how to keep a girl interested may startle you, as it’s contrary to many guys’ expectations!!!

How to keep a girlfriend interested

The surprising reality is that a woman needs you to keep her interested. Think of it as a pang of hunger, and keep in mind that this hunger needs to be satisfied regularly. If you are a smart guy, you’ll soon develop a long-term plan and learn how to satisfy her needs.

The macho belief that all there is to a relationship is “asking her out”, “marrying her”, or “getting a green light for sex” is outdated. If you still believe this, you’d better get with the system of you could easily lose your partner.

If you haven’t noticed, girls constantly change their minds. Don’t think that just because you have her approval today that you will have it tomorrow or next week. Her approval is a fragile thing and must be nurtured regularly.

To sum up, women are just like everything else that’s worthwhile in life. Passion and hard work are necessary to get it right. Once you understand the dynamics of keeping your other half interested in you, you can rebuild and maintain her interest in you.

How to treat a woman in a relationship

What do women want?

Women are not so different from us guys in that they want new experiences and some variety in their lives and even the occasional surprise.

Women that suffer boredom and a lack of variety in a relationship may feel the need to seek a new man who can deliver new and fresh attraction regularly, and they see a guy who makes the effort ONCE or TWICE to be a “flash in the pan” and not worth holding on to!

If you want to keep your partner interested, you’ll have to put in some extra time and effort to achieve it. Put it this way, if you were fed the same food for a month, wouldn’t you get bored and want to eat something new? Taking your girl to the same old places and being reluctant to try new things will result in boring dates and often failed attempts at love.

While falling in love can be the most amazing feeling in the world. And falling out can be one of the most painful, so don’t get complacent with your girlfriend or she might just leave you!!!

It takes a lot of effort to keep a woman interested in you, and it’s hard work. Don’t just take it for granted that she loves you and that she’ll stay in love with you. If you don’t put in the work to keep your relationship in good shape, it can die quickly.

If you want her to adore and treasure you forever, you should know how to get her attention. Make her feel special, and do things that show how much you care for her.

Keep your girlfriend interested

How to keep a girlfriend interested in you?

Give her some space

The vast majority of girls need a little space sometimes. Your natural instinct may tell you to always keep your girlfriend by your side so you don’t have to stress about her getting “hit on” while you’re not around.

Think about it, if she’s the kind of chick that cheats, do you want a long-term relationship with her? If she cheats on you, thank your lucky stars that you found out sooner rather than later and kick her to the curb!

Having a successful long-term relationship is a balancing act. Give her room to live her life while still maintaining your control and not becoming a pushover.

Satisfy her in the bedroom

Let’s be honest, if you want to keep your lady for any length of time, you’ll need to know your way around the bedroom! Every day, men are ditched or cheated on by their girlfriends due to their inability to satisfy them in bed.

By far, the biggest complaint women have about sex with their man is that he can’t control himself and ejaculates too quickly. When we say too quickly, really anything under 15 minutes just isn’t going to cut it in the long term!

How to treat a woman in bed

Being good at sex is a skill and doesn’t always happen naturally. If you’re really serious about keeping your partner, spend some time reading books about lovemaking and get as much practice as you can.

You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with your sex life. Try new and exciting things as often as possible. This will add some spice to your sex sessions which will help you to maintain a healthy physical relationship with your girlfriend.

Don’t be afraid to try more freaky stuff like role-playing or filming your romps and finally pay attention to your diet as this can have a big effect on your sexual performance.

Our final word on sex is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about sharing your fantasies with her. Unless you are into some really freaky stuff, she probably has a pretty good idea of what “floats your boat”.

We live in a sexually liberated world and most ladies are aware of how a man’s mind operates. So go ahead and share your desires with your girlfriend and always be willing to compromise.

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Keeping a girl interested

Be a man (not a mouse!!!)

Don’t let your girl take over the relationship. For example, when you go on a date, don’t let her plan every detail. You should do the planning for most of your dates. Women secretly love men with plans. This shows her that you are a responsible fellow and can be relied upon to take care of her and show her a good time.

Most women love excitement and if you can surprise her with new experiences, then she’ll love spending time with you, whether you’ve just met or have been together for years.

Don’t forget to show her that you are very capable of making decisions, too. If you have a habit of constantly deferring to her, she will assume that you lack confidence in your judgment which can be a big turn-off for women.

Be a man and show her that you are decisive and self-confident but don’t go too far by ignoring her if she expresses her opinion. She will love that you consider her wishes and appreciate that you don’t give her all the responsibility.

The art of conversation

At any stage of a relationship, being a good conversationalist is an important skill to master and a very useful one if you want her to retain her interest in you. Finding subjects that you are both interested in is the first stage of a good conversation.

Do your research and try to keep track of the topics that interest your other half. Use these topics to start conversations and ask her questions about them. When you show interest in your partner’s knowledge, she’ll be flattered that you are trying to get to know her mind as well as her body!

Like it or not, good conversations are an important part of many relationships. When you master the skill of chatting, she’ll love to be in your presence and look forward to your times together even more.

Act like a gentleman

Whoever said “Chivalry is dead!” is a fool and is probably still single!!!

Whether they admit it or not, women love guys that act like gentlemen. By acting like a proper gentleman, you are subconsciously telling her that you are a real man and that she is in great hands.

It might sound old-fashioned but little things matter to women. Show her that you care for her with little gestures like opening doors and pulling out chairs. This can go a long way to cementing your relationship.

Most women also love a guy to hold their hand when they walk together or for them to offer their arm when crossing roads etc. These seemingly small acts can build trust and show her that you are a courteous guy that she can trust and depend on.

Your appearance is also a major factor, so try your hardest to look smart on every date. Any gentleman worth his salt will make an effort to look fashionable and well-groomed when out with his lady. Do not underestimate the effect that looking and smelling good can have on any relationship!

A final note about your behavior is to be a “rock” for her. Be the reliable and trustworthy guy that every girl desires. Always remember to remain calm and act responsibly (like a true gentleman).

Don’t just “act” interested in her…Really “be” interested in her!!!

If you really like your girlfriend and you would love to spend your life with her, make sure she knows it!

Nothing makes a woman’s heart miss a beat more than a fellow man who’s genuinely interested in her. Try to avoid dating women just for their appearance. Try to stick to dating girls that you are happy to talk to and that truly interest you!

A good tip is to keep a note of the things she likes to do, what’s important to her, her ambitions, and her friends. If you take the time to get to know her circle of friends, she will know that you are genuinely interested in her and that you see a potential future together.

A final word

Keeping your girlfriend interested is a huge part of maintaining a healthy relationship but bear in mind that this “mission” never ends. This shouldn’t be seen as a chore and should be regarded as a challenge and even enjoyed.

So whether you currently have a girlfriend or hope to have one shortly, it’s vital that you know how to keep a girlfriend interested in your relationship. It can be a lot of work and take a large chunk of your time, but if you like her and want to keep her, it sure is worth it.

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