Gifts for Harley riders that EAT, SLEEP,RIDE, and REPEAT!

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Harley-Davidson is one of America’s most loved and iconic brands and the classic muscle bike has a reputation that’s hard to beat. Take a peek at our favorite gifts for Harley riders available today!

Gifts for harley lovers

Nothing quite compares to a Harley! You can feel the envy as your neighbors watch you pull into your driveway. The timeless Harley styling and the unmistakable roar of the V-twin have made Harleys one of the best touring motorcycles ever made.

Gifts for harley riders

Harley’s legacy is assured as new bike manufacturers come and go when trends change but Harley has truly stood the test of time. Founded in 1903, Harley-Davidson has survived the Depression, two world wars, and the recession. The brand has weathered many storms over its 115 years which has made the company just as tough and resilient as the bikes themselves.

Gifts for harley guy

To honor these legendary bikes and the cool dudes that ride them, we have found the best gifts for lovers and riders of Harleys.

Cool gifts for Harley riders

A pair of Harley boots

These Darren Harness official Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots live up to the high standards of all HD products. You know that these are the real thing because of the classic soaring eagle on the front.

These bad-ass boots have pull-tab assists on either side of the boot so you can easily slip them on for a fast getaway! The 11.5-inch uppers are made with supple full-grain leather (which feels like it’s straight off the cow!) The boots are extremely hard-wearing, easy to clean, and very comfortable on long rides.

These sweet Harley boots have a typical minimalist design with the Harley-Davidson logo just below the eagle. They also feature very subtle harness accents near the ankle area which add just enough detail and a full-length cushioned lining.

Bikers will tell you that they appreciate a springy and shock-resistant sole. These babies tick all the boxes with their Goodyear Welt construction which makes them more stable and easy to repair.

A mean helmet

No list of gifts for Harley riders would be complete without protective headgear.

Yes, we know that many Harley lovers prefer a “half-helmet” style skid-lid but we really cannot endorse or recommend these types of “German-style” helmets as they leave much of the face exposed and in our opinion should be avoided!

We have however included a wicked full-face helmet that looks just as cool as a half helmet but with extra safety features and full-face protection.

The Scorpion Covert Helmet looks just aggressive enough for Harley riders and features a convertible design along with a bunch of cool integrated features.

Harley fans are sure to love the integrated drop-down visor which provides a perfect seal along the muzzle with the interior gasket. You can also completely remove the muzzle if you so wish. The muzzle has effective mouth vents which both look great and provide enough airflow for the hotter months and it can be closed during the colder times of the year.

Fans of the Scorpion Covert love the integrated neck roll which makes the helmet very comfortable to wear and also allows conversion from a half helmet to a full-face style. The helmet can be worn in three different styles but most owners prefer the “full face” option.

Another noteworthy feature is the top ventilation system which does a fine job of providing enough airflow on sunny days. The helmet is also layered with KwikWick Anti-Microbial lining which also aids in keeping the rider cooler in warm weather and warm enough on cooler days. The lining (and neck roll) are both easy to take out and clean after a sweaty day “in the saddle.”

For the money, the aggressively designed Scorpion Covert motorcycle helmet is a steal and makes a perfect gift for any Harley enthusiast.

A set of chrome mufflers

If you want to impress a Harley man (or woman), just ask them about their Harley’s exhaust system.

With these Vance & Hines slash-cut pipes, the bike will have just the right look and sound. These cut pipes will boost the bike’s power and give it that distinctive Harley roar that riders love so much! (For the mechanically minded, the all-mechanical straight-through louvered baffle helps generate more power, while giving the bike a distinctive throaty rumble.)

These slip-ons proudly are made in the USA and feature a full-coverage internal heat shield that prevents bluing of the chrome over time. They have been designed to give a Harley the classic look of round slip-ons with exquisitely designed slash-end tips.

Don’t worry about your beautiful chrome turning blue, thanks to the Vance & Hines internal heat shield. To check out the exact model that is suitable for your make and model of Harley, you check out the options here.

Some decent tie-down straps

“Here at Everyday Ape, we love to support small businesses that make great gear. Rhino USA is a father & son business based in Temecula, California, USA. They were founded in 2015 with the following mission;

to serve the needs of our fellow riders and power-sports enthusiasts, …. to source, manufacture, and sell the highest quality accessories on the planet while providing extraordinary customer service and a lifetime warranty on all of our products.”

The father & son team at Rhino share a passion for motorcycles, off-roading, and adventure and found that something as simple and cheap as an imported tie-down strap can cause expensive damage to your beloved bike and potentially ruin your trip!

The RHINO USA Soft Loops Motorcycle Tie Down Straps are popular with riders of all kinds of bikes. They have full-bend S-hooks with spring-loaded keeper clips for additional safety. The Rhino loops are designed to fit all kinds of handlebars and frames. The S-hook design makes them super-easier to use in tight areas where standard hooks get caught.

Extremely useful and easy to use, Rhino Loops wrap around a stable area of your bike and loop through themselves to provide an extended soft tie-down point so no more scratching your bike’s bodywork, frame, handlebars, and forks, etc

All Rhino USA products come with a lifetime warranty, and they offer a full refund if you’re Harley gift recipient isn’t 100% satisfied!

A leather jacket

Few pieces of menswear come with as much attitude, rebellion, and masculinity as a leather biker jacket.

Synonymous with motorbikes and the infamous Marlon Brando, the leather biker jacket continues to make guys look “cool” and is also a cool, hard classic. In a nutshell, you need one in your closet whether you’re a Harley dude or not!

Guys have adorned animal hides since we were living in caves but back in 1928, a Manhattan raincoat maker named Irving Schott came up with the biker jacket for Harley Davidson. He named it the “Perfecto” (after his favored cigar brand.) He intended to design a leather jacket to protect the wearer from the elements and injuries sustained by accidents.

Leather jackets aren’t cheap but you get what you pay for and should be seen as an investment. In many cases, you will pay for the name but obviously, you should only consider the quality, the type of leather used, the comfort, and the zip strength.

The Milwaukee Jacket is our pick for the leather jackets for Harley fans. It’s traditionally cropped and made from top-quality black leather. The asymmetric cut allows the rider to lean over their machine without material digging into the body. The jacket also features side leather “strings” that make it possible to adjust the waist for a snug fit.

One thing we love about the Milwaukee jacket is that you can’t notice the metal snaps or zipper (even on cold days) as they are attached to cloth strips that feel like the jacket lining. Without the liner, the jacket is a very comfortable thickness for the spring or fall, and possibly summer if you virtually live on your Harley!

A customized Harley

If you have recently won the lottery and are looking for an extravagant gift for a Harley rider, what is better than a customized motorcycle?

Unique harley davidson gifts

These days, Harleys can be transformed to look radically different from the standard factory models with workshops springing up all around the world to cater to the hordes of custom Harley fans.

One of our favorite Harley customizers is Shaw Speed and Custom which is based in the South of England. Now in its 14th year, the company has received the prestigious “Bar and Shield award” a stunning six times for its exemplary customer service and technical brilliance.

If you are stateside, one of the best custom Harley builders is Orange County Choppers (OCC). The world-famous custom bike builder was founded by Mr. Paul Teutul Sr. in 1999. Paul Sr. (and his highly skilled team of custom fabricators) come up with the designs, engineer all of the parts, and make unique choppers at their facility based in Newburgh, Orange County.

You may have seen Paul on the hit TV reality series “American Chopper”. OCC bikes are often customized and built around a theme or genre which has increased the accessibility of Harleys to motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world.

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