Cool stoner stuff to buy for a buddy on 420 and beyond

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Due to popular demand, we have has scoured our green planet to find you cool stoner stuff to buy on Amazon. Here are 13 of the best gifts for weed lovers for 2022!

Cool stoner stuff to buy

Mary Jane’s popularity in the USA continues to rise and shows no signs of slowing down. The increase in popularity could be in part due to the changing laws in many parts of the U.S.

According to a Gallup poll released in July 2017, 45% of adults have smoked marijuana at least once and regular uses of cannabis have risen from 7% to 12% since 2013.

So whether you are a “toker” yourself or just looking for cool stoner stuff to buy for a friend, we hope you love these awesome ganja-related accessories.

Coolest stoner stuff to buy

RAW Level Five Joint Holder

It started with the double-barreled version and now Raw has introduced the “Rawdiculous” five-barreled joint holder.

To make such a device with equal pull rates across each tube is no mean feat. RAW has outdone itself with this gorgeous quintuple spliff holder for hardcore smokers!

Made from exquisite sustainable brown Knotwood from the Pearl Valley of Fujian, China. No two holders look the same due to the natural patterns and growth rates of the wood.

This handmade reefer holder is a Rawthentic product and should be on top of your list of cool stoner gifts to buy.

Death Star Grinder

“Feel the force!” with this sweet high-quality herb grinder. This grinder is built from zinc alloy and high-grade aluminum.

Featured on famous websites such as and, this study grinder is a “must-have” item for fans of wacky-backy and Star Wars.

The Death Star Herb Grinder features a strong magnetic connection between the top and bottom halves so that your valuable content isn’t ever lost.

The Death Star herb grinder is currently available with a bonus kief-scraper. Grab one for your grass-loving buddy before they sell out!

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

Next on our List of cool stoner stuff to buy on Amazon is ideal for smokers that wish to remain “under the radar”. The Smoke Buddy is a device that removes smoke, vapors, and odor from your exhaled air.

Simply exhale through the smoke buddy and magically clean, odorless air comes out the other end!

The Smoke Buddy company has been making high-quality personal air filters since 2008 and their motto is “keep your smoke to yourself!”

These things are selling like hotcakes and make a killer stoner gift to buy for a reefer-loving friend that doesn’t want to annoy family, friends, pets, or neighbors with their second-hand smoke.

The Little Black Book of Marijuana

Available on Kindle or with a traditional hardcover, this cool little pocketbook is a concise guide to cannabis. It covers everything from pot culture/history to all of the essentials like using, cultivating, cooking, and health.

This beautifully designed pocket guide is packed with full-color photographs of most marijuana varieties.

The Seattle Weekly Blog commented, “If a cannabis fan were to take just one piece of weed-themed literature to bring to a desert island (or even just a long plane ride), it should probably be this one.”

The author Steve Elliott is a journalist and editor of the independent marijuana blog Toke Signals. The website features uncut, uncensored, non-corporate cannabis-related news.

Toker Poker

A climber needs ropes and a smoker needs a Toker Poker! An essential multi-tool that has been ergonomically designed to feel great in your hand. It combines all of the tools one could require to make the perfect “Fat One”!

Just add your own Bic lighter and in one hand you have a wick, a pokey thing, a lighter, and a tamper at your disposal.

The Toker Poker can securely hold up to five feet of hemp wick. This eliminates inhaling butane and your herb will go further as it burns at a much lower temperature. This ensures that all of the “good stuff” doesn’t get scorched and destroyed.

The silver Toker Poker Special Edition is particularly tasty if you are looking for a stoner gift to buy for a special occasion. It is dipped in a chrome metallic material.

Doob Tubes

Next on our list of cool stoner stuff to buy is the Doob Tube. Doob Tubes are great if you need to keep your joints discreet or carry your medicine while on the go.

There are 10 Doob Tubes included in each pack. One tube is big enough to hold two cones or one “Snoop-sized blunt”.

Conveniently, the cap is attached to the tube so the forgetful-minded won’t lose it. While not 100% odorless, they still do a good job of keeping odor to an absolute minimum. A great gift for that red-eyed buddy!

Dope Jars

These beautifully designed Dope Jars are a unique shape and feature cool, trippy designs. They’re smell-proof and come with an extra lid that has a different design.

The jar’s dimensions are 8x5x4 inches which is big enough to hold half an ounce of your favorite herb.

These jars are also stackable so if you have more than one, they can be placed on top of one another.

Made with thick, durable, crystal-clear glass, this is one of the coolest stoner gifts on Amazon today.

Smell Proof Storage Bags

Keep any pungent smells locked away in these heavy-duty smell-proof bags by Interplanetary Development.

These baggies can be used for all manner of products including the obvious! They are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials and feature a heavy-duty zipper for a strong seal.

These smell-proof bags are available in five sizes and each pack includes 25 pieces.

Interplanetary Development is so confident in its products that they offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not stoked with your purchase, you can get a refund with no questions asked!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Ash Tray

Another very popular item from our list of stoner gear is a quirky sugar skull ashtray.

If you are going to smoke, then do it in style with this beautiful Day of the Dead Ash Tray, inspired by the famous Mexican holiday. This ashtray is made from high-quality resin and is sure to meet all your smoking standards.

This ashtray is great for smokers and non-smokers as a unique ornament and conversation starter.

Kush Caddie Storage Case

On a weekend trip, you might need a container to keep your stash, pipe, and other accessories. Are you nervous that any smells might “stink out” your room? Then check out the best storage container, the Kush Caddie.

Fitted with padded foam on its interior to keep glassware safe, the foam inserts can be removed for cleaning.

The Kush Kaddie is vacuum-sealed to keep dirt out and odors in. The rugged plastic exterior does a great job of protecting glass pipes when on trips and keeps delicate glass pieces safe.

The Kush caddie’s interior dimensions are 2.5 inches wide and 4.5 deep. Satisfied customers report a storage capacity of around 1.5 oz.

Raw Natural Unrefined 1¼ Coned Rolling Papers

If you happen to be a toker, you will probably know the importance of smoking “all-natural” rolling papers! These ready-made cones are made with water-based gum instead of harmful chemical glues like many other brands.

RAW is committed to ensuring that its customers only smoke the highest quality, natural ingredients. These cones are brilliant for the ganja beginner and very easy to use.

All you have to do is pack it with a fine selection of your local herbs, twist the top shut, and you’re done.

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder

No list of cool stoner accessories would be complete without a top-of-the-line grinder.

If you are a fan of quick bowls and rolling joints with finely ground material, this device could be right up your street! It’s very well designed right from the packaging to the grinder itself.

For the price, the Herbagrind is a real bargain for fans of Mary-Jane. Just fill it halfway (enough for a couple of bowl sessions), tilt it gently, and you’re ready to go… If you want smaller particles, just hold down the grinder to make smaller pieces.

The Herbagrind features a magnetic cap So that you won’t spend all day looking for it!

Easy@Home Instant Urine Drug Test Kit

Easy@Home has more than 18 years of experience in the drug testing industry. This is one of the simplest home drug test products and it has been a best seller on Amazon for the past 4 years.

Your test results show up quickly and clearly by showing solid lines. Negative results show up as fast as one minute so no more agonizing for ages while you wait for the verdict!

We recommend this product because it has an incredible 99% accuracy in detecting 11 different drugs.

This pack contains 10 individually wrapped drug tests. Just pee in a cup and dip the test into the urine. After a couple of minutes, you can read your result. If 2 lines appear, you are clean but if only 1 appears, then you have failed.

The Easy@Home instant urine drug test kit is ideal for home use or workplace testing. This product is fully FDA Approved.

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Disclaimer – All of the cool stoner things featured in this article are intended for use with tobacco products and legal Herbs only. Marijuana should not be used where it is illegal. Please check your local laws regarding the possession of smoking accessories.

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