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Best subreddits for men

Embrace Your Manliness With These 19 Best Subreddits for Men

Reddit is a mixed bag! While there are many imaginative and sometimes hilarious subreddits, a lot of the site is awful. So here is our carefully researched list of the best subreddits for men.

Best subreddits for men

What is Reddit?

If you haven’t heard of Reddit before, it is best described as a social, news & entertainment website. Users can add their content as text, a video, a question, or a link to a different online place.

Other Redditors in the community then “upvote” or “downvote” the posts, which makes a kind of “Billboard chart” of the most popular posts for every category or subreddit.

Posts that receive the most “upvotes” move up to the top of individual subreddits (niche-centered sub-communities), which makes it simple for users to find the best and most relevant content. Less popular posts that are poorly written or lack value get voted down and disappear quickly.

The site is mainly for link-sharing but of late, it has gained a reputation as a “haven for haters” with tons of racist, sexist, homophobic, and plain offensive content.

While many Redditors seem determined to poison the site negatively, Reddit can also be an incredible place to get information.

Is Reddit popular?

Despite many trolls, the website is vast, with over 542 million monthly visitors & 234 million unique users. Reddit is ranked the 4th most visited website in the U.S.A. & the 6th most popular worldwide! (according to Alexa.) About 57% of users are based in the United States, 7.5% are in the United Kingdom, and 6.3% live in Canada.

If you look carefully, you can find thoughtful, motivational, and moving posts that can help restore your faith in the human race. But without a bit of guidance, you could find yourself swimming in a “sea of hate” and wondering why you ever visited the site in the first place.

And that’s why we have made a list of the best subreddits for guys. In this list, you will find popular topics among us dudes, like food, self-improvement, fitness, girls, personal issues, beer, etc.

The best subreddits for men

r/everymanshouldknow (EMSK)

Every Man Should Know (EMSK) is one of our favorite subreddits for men.

According to the moderators of the subreddit, “This is where you learn many interesting things that will help you daily. If you have some knowledge that your father or guardian taught you, throw it up here.”

So if you want to know how to drink whiskey or learn about the four types of married sex, check out this funny and informative subreddit!

[EMSK] Here’s how you actually jump a car, and it’s the perfect size to keep in your wallet.
by u/clayw09 in everymanshouldknow


Next in our list of best Reddit threads for guys has an offensive name. /r/HowToNotGiveAFuck is a fantastic community that is focused on relieving stress.

In a nutshell, we succumb to stress and anxiety because of our attachment to things (possessions, people, and even ideas).

This subreddit is a supportive community that shares hints & tips on how you can stop giving an “f” and how to live a more mellow and joyful life.


We see the phrase “food porn” everywhere, but what the heck is it?

Food porn is a glamorized version of cooking or eating started in advertising. It is now a hugely popular topic on social media platforms, cooking magazines, blogs, and websites.

Most food porn images are of foods high in fat and high-calorie content. It can also include exotic meals that arouse a strong desire.

[Homemade]Cheeseburger [OC][2864×2864] from r/FoodPorn


What is a “titty drop,” you may ask? It’s when a beauty’s breasts are revealed by dropping out of their bra, shirt, or whatever, and they bounce, sway or jiggle into place. There’s something for every booby-lover on this cheeky subreddit: big ones, small ones, slow reveals, or fast flashes.

This well-curated adult subreddit has elevated this niche/interest/fetish with the sheer quantity of material and strict content regulation.

There’s a good mix of both amateur and professional content, with all tastes being catered for with a large amount of material. You can even filter the submissions to see one type of titty drop.

With new titty-dropping posts added every few hours, there’s always new stuff for guys that love this unique fetish.


Many dudes regard them as the best subreddit for men. Manprovement is an excellent place for dudes to work on their social, professional, and romantic lives. It’s not the most popular entry in our list but earns its place due to a large number of excellent posts which are carefully moderated.

This thoughtful and informative subreddit encourages guys to design their life how they want them and not settle for how things are right now!

The Manprovement subreddit is an excellent community for men striving for the best in their lives.


Young bachelors are not always known for having the nicest living spaces. In the words of Dave Chappelle, “Women love comfortable surroundings, so men get comfortable surroundings. But let me tell you something, if a man could f*ck a woman in a cardboard box, he wouldn’t buy a house”.

Male Living Space is a subreddit that caters to blokes into improving and maintaining their man caves, apartments, homes, and garages.

Although many posts focus on higher-end products and properties, it’s still a great place to find ideas to inspire you to design the ultimate bachelor pad.


This is undoubtedly one of the best Reddit pages for guys. It caters to bearded men and the women that go crazy for them!

This is a great community to post your pictures to show fellow beard fans how you are progressing with your facial hair and get tips on caring for it.

The moderators also hold regular beard contests, with winners receiving beard-related prizes.

Should It Stay or Should It Go??? from r/beards


The Boobies subreddit is full of content for boob lovers. In this goldmine of breasts, you’ll find huge boobs, tiny boobs, big nips, perky nips, boobs in lingerie, soapy boobs, and everything else a titty fan could ever wish for.

And why are boobies so popular? A study done in France sent women to sit on their own in a café and discovered that the ones with bigger breasts were approached more often. Another research done in New Zealand concluded that women with larger breasts were more likely to get and keep men’s attention.

Other exciting studies found that a man’s economic background can also influence his tastes and preferences. Wealthier men are more likely to favor small boobs, with less well-off dudes being more likely to prefer bigger boobies.

r/Boobies is among the best boob subreddits we have found this year.


This subreddit is an excellent place for lovers of Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) to see what other handy fellows are doing and learn about D.I.Y. projects.

This is another very well-kept community that showcases all kinds of projects. Some of them are unique and very creative. You can find all manner of D.I.Y. posts, such as “How to make a $20 blacksmith forge” to “How to make a kegerator from a trash can.”

There are more detailed D.I.Y. subreddits, but this one is an excellent place to start, with everything from putting up shelves to building your own boat.


This is an excellent resource for discovering new and previously overlooked music. Every post links directly to music streams; this community has virtually no spam.

The moderators do a fantastic job keeping this community free of advertising, reposts, all-too-common bands, and low-quality amateur music.

We love that the content is tagged by genre and that they post monthly music charts. It’s also pretty cool that they have gone to the trouble of including all of the 600+ other music subreddits in one place so that it’s easy to discover loads of new music!


According to a study by Dr. Werner Habermehl, red-haired women have more sex than any other hair color.

If you’ve ever felt attracted to red-headed women, this male subreddit should be saved in your private bookmarks.

Around the world, a growing fandom of guys loves ginger-haired women. And they must be very excited that there’s a subreddit devoted to their love of red-haired women.

This subreddit is a bit more classy because it also sees submissions of fully dressed women wearing regular clothes. These are proudly displayed alongside explicit photos of ladies in provocative poses.

With only 2% of the world’s population having red hair, this excellent subreddit is an homage to these ginger beauties and the guys that dig them.


This one is an offshoot of its parent subreddit, Male Fashion Advice. Male Hair Advice focuses on discussions on the obvious and gives valuable advice for blokes thinking about changing their hairstyle.

If you have questions about your hair or seek opinions or recommendations on your best hairstyle, you can post your selfie in the group. Then wait for the hair-loving community to come up with ideas and suggestions.

We love that the Redditors here are well-behaved, and there is virtually no abuse or ridicule.

How long does your hair have to be to get it like this? from r/malehairadvice


This one is made for trippy or mesmerizing stuff that makes you say, “Woah dude.”

To put it another way, this subreddit has a psychedelic feel and welcomes posts that mess with your head and feel like they are warping your reality.

So if you are a fan of trippy music, intense colors, and surreal optical illusions, this is a great subreddit for you and your spaced-out buddies!

High definition photo of the blood vessels in the human eye look eerily like a forest. from r/woahdude


This raunchy subreddit includes photos of celebrities and amateurs that are arousing but not quite pornographic.

We think that the quote made in 1964 by Justice Stewart talking about porn, “I know it when I see it,” is a very accurate description of what you can expect to find in this community.

The hordes of horny guys that subscribe to r/SexyButNotporn love to test the boundaries. They share images that are erotic but not quite porn.


This subreddit is enormous! With over 2 million subscribers, you will find all posts to pass a few hours. The only criteria are that posts must be exciting and something others in the community wants to see.

Topics are so varied that you can learn about world records, how things are made, the natural world, and pretty much any other topic you can think of.

This subreddit is well-moderated and intolerant of trolls and haters.

Amazing graffiti of Greek Gods on containers. from r/interestingasfuck


This is a weird one! But it’s undoubtedly one of the best subreddits for men. This one has a vast catalog of raunchy movie clips, homemade videos, and GIFs.

The theme here is that all the girls are hot, shy, or embarrassed by what they do. The idea behind this community is that men want to see pretty girls in happy, natural, and joyful situations.

This subreddit sprung up as an alternative to mainstream porn in which the girls are often “dead-eyed” and lacking real emotion.


This male subreddit is precisely what you would think! Men’s grooming tips and advice. Here you will find all the info you need to make the most of your appearance.

The moderators don’t tolerate judgment or hurtful comments in a well-policed community. The community is solely designed for guys to help each other to look their best.

From hair and skincare regimes, every post in this community is designed to make you look more attractive. Malegrooming is one of the best subreddits for self-improvement.


An acronym for “When the sun shines through a dress and makes it translucent.” It contains adult content, so don’t look at this one at work!

We’ve all been lucky enough to glimpse this beautiful phenomenon on occasion. Now guys can savor the beauty of the female form while the young ladies wear clothing.

This passionate community scours the net for the best images. They range from women in nightdresses to ladies in summer wear. Turn off your NSFW filter, find a comfy spot on the sofa, and enjoy something a little more classy.


This is another humorous one. This is where users can post mostly videos of situations that go badly, then get worse, only to go right at the last second.

The kind of things posted here are near-accidents, lucky pets, and botched robberies, where things turn out well in the end.

With nearly 900K subscribers, this subreddit is growing fast. Moderators have a firm stance when it comes to death and gore. It doesn’t accept posts of planned stunts or anything which involves monetization.

Man fleeing from the police from r/nonononoyes

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Thanks to DJANDYW.COM for the Reddit Flickr photo shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license.