The “TriPhoon Fidget Spinner” – 80 BILLION + possibilities!

Wanna stand out from the crowd?…Sick of cheap & nasty Chinese spinners?…

The TriPhoon Fidget Spinner has been developed by UK based designer Andy Griffiths after failing to find a fidget spinner that offered much personality. You can see the website here.
With over 80 BILLION possible colour combinations, every person on the planet today can have their very own, hand made, unique fidget spinner.
Fidget spinners have now become a global phenomena with different designs hitting the market every day. Most of these spinners are generic imports that don’t really have much personality. TriPhoon is quite different.
Triphoon Finger Spinners
Each TriPhoon Fidget Spinner is hand built from 12 individual components that can be configured using 10 different colours – that is over 80 BILLION different possible combinations.
Triphoon Fidget Spinners

TriPhoon gives you the power to build a completely bespoke fidget spinner that will match your own unique style and fashion.

Triphoon Fidget Spinner
The project is currently live on Kickstarer until the 4th July 2017. For more general information and to find out how to back this project please see the link below:

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